Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Update, pics and things

As the summer moves on I have been spending less and less time indoors in my free-time. I seem to have something to do every weekend, this past one was anachronistic themed with visits to both the NY Renne Faire and Medieval Times. I logged 20k steps on Saturday at the faire and my knees let me know Sunday.

I have to focus to actively past this plateau I've been at for a year. I guess it didn't help that I just got off an indulgent cruise with 7 days of frozen drinks, rum runners, and beer. So much beer. Anyway, I wanted to share a few shots with this update post to show I am still very much alive.

NJ Leatherneck Pig Roast 2014
The Hubs at the Beatles exhibit at Woodstock Museum after Santana concert
getting to see my nieces and meeting my nephew for the first time because they live in Australia!
 cruising 2014

kayaking with manatees in Florida
 celebrating our 16 year anniversary (6-years of marriage)
from our surprise suite on the ship!
Happy, healthy, and getting ready for the fall. New post coming Friday. I am updating on current challenge, big things to come, and lots of plans.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Playing the metrics game

I had Basis Band success last week: All goals met and exceeded. 

So I upped my goals: 
  • Morning Lap: walk 2.5k steps before noon x2 a week (thought I shoot for daily habit)
  • Evening Lap: walk 1.5k steps after 5pm x2 a week (though I shoot for daily habit)
  • Don't be a Sitter: get up and move between the hours for 9am-5pm, not idle for more than 1hr)
  • Move It: get active for at least 30 mins a day
In all, I have really made the effort to choose active over passive activity, trying to add to my numbers and hit the basic goal of 10k steps a day. Coming into this I realize I have become sedentary over my adult life. As a kid I took 13 years of ballet, 7 of Jazz, 4 of tap, I acted in theater, I played softball (not well), did a few 5k charity events and I took step-class at the YMCA. As a post-college adult, I rarely, if ever, did anything more than walk a mall. Go to work, sit; get in car, drive; get home, sit and eat; go to party, sit and drink; go to bar, go to play, go to movie - no wonder my ass was going to hell.

This past weekend I did a Fireshaper Blaze class on Saturday morning and it was so tough after being out of it for a while. I only made it through 50% of the standing parts as my head spun and I almost hit my mat. That heat is a beast, but so helpful in loosening my tight muscles.

My Basis band did not register the activity as active: the Blaze class will get your heart rate up and your sweat poring out, but it is "slow and hold" as far as movement.  The overall calorie burn spikes in the morning showed that I did something good for myself even if it was not "active" activity.

I want to show you Sunday:

Sunday we took a drive to Asbury Park and walked the boardwalk, stumbled upon a Restaurant week tour (did not participate as it was sold weeks in advance) and found ourselves walking through Ocean Grove and turning around at Bradley Beach. We put in some time outside in the great weather and walked a bunch. 

The rest of the week has been not as active, though I was able to get planting done yesterday and the Hubs spent the entire day lugging buckets of mulch (around 3.2k lbs or 4 cubic yards!) up and down a flight of stairs and into flower beds around the property. I wonder if he were wearing this Basis band how many step/calories he burned!

With the rain we had this week I was not so much in the walking mood, so Question - How do you get into the workout spirit in dreary weather?

Friday, April 25, 2014

A week down and OMG I am in love with my Basis Band

Is it possible to love a piece of personal tech more than my iPhone? More than my Rotadent toothbrush?

I think there is...

My Basis Carbon Steel is my new best friend. It is the best friend that gets me off the couch, out of my cubical, taking the stairs...

I am getting active again to hit real goals. Starting with what is achievable and moving to ever larger goals, I am on my way.

Here is this morning:

My longest goal to date is taking 2000 steps before noon.  Coming from a place where I get ready, drive into the office and sit at a desk for 9 hours. On the 2 days I teach, I may do 2 hours of standing in the evening, but that is really nothing. By all accounts, I was doing nothing but becoming more and more lazy.

What I really like about the Basis band is that it is passively encouraging me to move. Because I can graph and track the metrics (I am all about metrics in my business), this is personal magic.

If you look above, you can see the almost 30 minute walk I took this morning. It was just around my neighborhood, a few hills, and some of this fresh Spring air. It was actually fun.Why haven't I done this all the rest of the days in my life?

Well, I have, for a week, taken that walk. I feel better for it. I have also made it a goal to move around every hour and not sit like a lump. So far, so good.

Here is a snap of some of my goals:

I am excited to make each habit turn green. I am excited to see what happens when I wear this to Fireshaper for a Hot Yoga class. The perspiration meter will think I am swimming!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The New Challenge

How long can one not post to a blog but still remain relevant?

Hello, my name is Lynette, and I have not posted to this blog in (checks back) 10 months. Wow.

What is new in that time? I got a promotion at work (yay!) went on my first cruise ever (yay2) and am finishing up yet another semester teaching my night class (yay3). I also pulled off my own surprise birthday party Taco Night (surprise to me - I thought we were just having friends over). Life is always good.

In all, I think this year has been amazing. I have seen so many new things, had new experiences - I love Snuba and snorkeling (who knew?).

On the juice-fast front - I have not juice fasted since last time. :( Yet I am holding to my after-fast weight :). BooYah.  A short juice cleanse is in the planning.

On to the good stuff. I decided to get into this whole fitness-tracker thing. I have gotten lazy (totally have not been to yoga in a longer than I'd like to admit). So I bought this Basis Health Tracker for Fitness, Sleep & Stress band and am tracking my activity level, heart rate, sleep paterns, steps, calories burned...habits both good and bad.

The irony is that I was afforded this purchase thanks to giftcards from my Taco-Night partygoers. I got it last Thursday and have been wearing it since. I think I kinda am obsessed.

I synced it like 10 times the first day to log and chart the activities I was doing (lots of not much), and my sleep (many REM breaks it seems). It is cool, but I have to see how it really is useful for me.

As far as the challenge, I have it set now for a few habits. I want to get 2000 steps in before noon, go for a short walk in the evening, and make sure I move every hour (I work at a desk in a cubical farm). It is also giving me points for wearing it 20 hours a day (it was 12, but I want to make sure I am wearing it as much as I can). So far, so good.

I recognize now that I have the very visable data, that I have taken a walk every morning. I have walked to the pharmacy instead of getting in the car. I have gone for a walk around the block before bed to get in the added points. I have met all my short-term goals thus far. I have seen that I sleep like crap if I eat too close to bedtime.  I see that one drink sends me into deep sleep 10 minutes after I get in bed, but that is the only deep sleep I get all night (an hour).

I'm going to think about this process in writing again here. Getting active is my next level. The Hubs has been going to yoga 5 days a week for the past few months and is looking all svelt. Time for me to kick it up a notch too.

What do you do to get more activity in your life?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So how am I doing 3 years later?

Well, some recent comments on old posts led me to believe an update is needed.  I'm alive and very well.

svelte, or at least approaching it for me

That's me, last October. I'm around near what I was after my fast... Well, maybe like 7 lbs less. From my heaviest I'm down a total of 65lbs. I am a lot happier today than I was 3 years back. 

This summer has been super. We started off with our Memorial Day BBQ with 75 of our nearest and dearest. I made a drunk rainbow baby* Jell-O shot cake, 

*no actual babies were harmed in this process.

And he was delish! He may have taken a few hours to make, but with 3 cups of whipped cream vodka inside, he'll about knock you on the rear.  I only had one bit, but my other guests (and one sneaky dog) enjoyed him immensely. 

I'm planning a fall cruise and hoping to drop another 20 or 30 lbs before October, so expect some juicing days posted soon. Much love, Lynette 

A few days ago, in the car, on the way to a b'day party