Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Autopilot Orchestra

We are living in a time when teenagers and adults think that they can text on their cell, drive, drink coffee and eat lunch all at the same time--paying little attention to any one task and more on conducting the "autopilot orchestra." We try to do all those things that take little thought all at the same time, while not really giving any thought to any of them.

How may times have you read a text while driving? Changed your iPod? Ate in the car while driving, while watching a movie/tv, or while not really noticing what you were eating? Ding Ding Ding ---> this girl over here has, and I bet many people have.

For me, right now, I am beginning to realize how often I have been on autopilot. It is scary the number of times I realize I do not remember aspects of my drive home from work. Sometimes I make it from 171 on the Garden State Parkway to 153 and the middle is a big blur. I am losing moments of time in my life, not that the drive is super significant, but it makes me realize that time adds up. I am not spending time in the present but always thinking of the destination.

Maybe the driving example is overworked. I know we are capable of doing many things at once, but when we want to do something really well, it takes focus.

Writing has always been my thinking on "paper"; me trying to get focus. I am out of practice. This blog and this fast are helping my body focus on one thing - getting back to better health. I think other people may need that focus again.

Writing this blog is spending some focused time in the present. This is why 60 days, or 100 days, is not as daunting. I know that time passes, there is nothing any of us can do to slow it, and before I know it, the weeks will pass. That is the great and frightening thing: Time continues to move without human involvement and the only thing we can do is make our time matter.

I even know healthy people that need that focus again in some aspect of their lives. How many vegans and vegetarians fall back on processed or fried foods because they are quick? Tempura Veggies are not health food people. How many people eat uber-healthy and are emotional/financial/mental piles of chaos? Think. Stop. Breathe. Focus.

Perhaps this fast, this reclamation of focus and single-task doing, is my way into the Present.

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