Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 3 of 60: Morning Routine

in the morning, I am glad I decided to get the Breville Juicer. It is an awful large purchase, so I am glad I had a big gift card left over from the wedding (that the bank started charging us for since we haven't used it) and I was able to get the juicer, a scrubber for veggies, and a few of those lovely 24oz COPCO reusable to-go cups with straws. I am able to clean the juicer (really rinse all the parts and scrub the screen) in about 5 minutes after I am done, and if I wash all the veggies the night before, it is as simple as shoving the lot into the machine and pouring the glass. Since I need to make one fruit and one veggie juice for the day, it means I need to start my day a little earlier than before, or as I learned yesterday, I will be late for work. Damn the snooze.

This morning, Granny Smith apple and raspberries (to finish both off). Yum. I tried putting the berries into cheesecloth and squeezing, and boy is that messy. I ended up massaging the ball of mushed berries over the cup and not getting as much juice as I did gore. My next idea is mashing the berries in a bowl real well, adding some juice, and then straining off the pulp and seeds. I could always run them through my mini cuisinart, but that would just be something else to get out, plug in and wash. At least the bowl and strainer is easy to pop into the dishwasher.


  1. Hi! Im on day three of my juice fast and feel great! However, I have a few questions! Did you workout while you were on the fast, and did you gain all you weight back? (ps. way to go girl you lost so much!) Oh, and any tips to help me get through the next 57 days?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Caitlin,
    Way to go for you! If I could do this fast, you can too!

    I did not do much besides walking in the first month of the fast. It was more like strolling, and maybe stretching. Later I started at the gym, in the very end, and stuck to cardio. I did lose a lot, but I did not know I had gall bladder issues and had to have surgery about a month after I finished the fast. I gained some weight back after the surgery (and felt bloated and awful). Over the past year I have maintained about 37lbs off. I am working on getting more off in this new Hot Yoga challenge.

    My tips: visit your doc regularly. I wish I did more than a homeopathic doc to get bloodwork routinely and discuss any issues you may have. "This too shall pass" was my mantra for cravings, hunger, and crazy thoughts. Avoid temptation by bringing your own drink places and drink before you go out. Always know where you can get something if you are going out or bring powdered greens and a bottle of 100% apple juice (a quick drink if nothing is around). Keep it going! If you need more help, visit


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