Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 3 of 60: Soup's on

I had to go grocery shopping after work, and boy was it a challenge. The last time I went shopping, really most times, my husband was/is with me. So, that very last time I entered a food store, we were doing the produce run for my juice. This time, alone, after 3 days of not eating solid food, it was tough. Headphones playing an audio book that was mildly entertaining, I went in. Wandering the aisles, looking for the deals and temptations was our usual M.O., but I knew I would not fair well with the usual. "They" say everything you need is in the outside aisles of the store, and for the most part, this is correct. Dairy, Meats, Deli, Bakery, Produce = your FDA food groups. For me, focusing on the produce section for now, I am usually fine, if not annoyed at the double cost and smaller size of organics. Tonight, I had to venture further, for the sake of my dear supportive, meat-and-potatoes husband.

I love fresh, thin cut deli meat and cheese on a sandwich, and of all things, I had to get some tonight for him. The smells were enticing, but it was the hunger talking as I went shopping without having my "dinner" and was about 2 hours overdue. The part of my brain that thinks of food is irrational and rational. I know rationally, I should be hungry since I have not eaten anything substantial in 3 days, but I can also rationalize that I am making changes in my habits and on a different path for now. The irrational side is the nagging desire for of massive amounts of that food in my mouth. That irrationality only lasts a few seconds, and in my right mind I have never been a binger or over-eater. I am usually a picker. A buffet was always my favorite as I like to try all kinds of stuff rather than have one big something. So when I come acorss the irrational thought, the breathing and refocusing helps.

All day I was not hungry at all. I have not had hunger pains at work, only mild moments (since my office is literally in the same building as the cafeteria and cooking smells permeate the air all morning and into the afternoon). But the market is designed to make you want to buy food, a lot of food. They make it look pretty, my friends who used to work at the Grand Union used to tell of fixing the displays and rotating stock, not to mention the merchandising. So, with headphones on, to block out the awful Muzak, I got in and out, replenishing my veggies and fruit while I got him his lunch meat and Wonder bread.

I am happy though. Tonight I made a pretty interesting discovery -- tomatoes don't really juice. I got very little juice, and it was pink. I made tomato, fennel, garlic, jalapeno, celery, potato and broccoli sprout juice. Sounds a bit much, but it was really good. I put it in a soup bowl and had "soup" for dinner. The garlicky, spiciness was welcome. I made too much though and after one cold bowl, I finished up the rest after heating in the microwave for a couple minutes. Hot it was a great tasting soup. I am not sure I should have had a hot juice, but I figured I got my nutrients in the fresh version and earlier in the day and a little heat wouldn't hurt much. Ah well, I am now full. I am having some tea and am hitting the sack. Night.

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