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Day 7: Night on the Town

Went 3 blocks down the street to The City Lounge(? I honestly have never been in there) to attend that memorial reunion Monday night drink with old friends and it was like walking into my life 12 years ago. It was the summer after high school, I was 18 and fancy free and heard about a bar-tending opportunity, and I thought - hey, how cool would it be to be a bartender and work at a bar, while the rest of my friends were working in the mall? Sure, it was Medieval Times, but I could dig the Renaissance wear and costumes, at least I didn't have to decide what I was going to wear to work. I started and spent almost 2 years working the show, mixing drinks, cocktail wenching, and hanging out with a varied and rowdy crowd. We went to bars, BBQs, camping, all over. It was bittersweet to leave, but I had met my now husband (a great story to tell later), and my asthma got to the point where it was my lungs or the show (you could still smoke at bars back then and I paid for it).

Flash forward a year and a half: I am very allergic to horses (turns out that had something to do with the breathing), met some great people, and I said goodbye to the castle. Some of those friends have endured through the years, many not. It was really weird walking into a room of almost strangers, that were once a bastard family, with vague memories that were perhaps best left in the past. I am glad I reconnected with a handful of people who remembered me, and I was glad to show up for a really cool dude who happened to pass on way too soon.

The part about going to a bar and making a concentrated effort to not drink, even though part of you is uncomfortable with seeing all these people who knew you when (when you were younger and thinner), is that you don't have the social lubrication of a beer or shot to give your hands something to do. It ain't happening. But I entered, sure in who I am now, and made my way. Drinking my bottle of water was something to do, but after a while, I realized that these people may have knew me when, but in many ways, if they only knew me now and saw how much cooler, wiser, and confident I am today. Yeah world, this is me, love it or shove it.

I still managed to down 3 bottles of H2O, but resisted the urge to even do a shot. I do hope we all get the chance to get together sometime again, under happier circumstances. I also realized that, in many ways, so many people look/act exactly the same as they did then, and I am not sure if that is a good thing, or a bad one. It struck me as funny that I kept picturing the old costumes on many of these people because I only ever saw them at work. Seeing them in their normal clothes was weird. I guess my memories of the castle from way back when have replayed in my mind with these perpetually costumed serfs and wenches. So much of this time was out of my memories and it was really good remembering some of the crazy times. FYI - all the people that I ever worked with at Medieval Times, and probably still work there, are about as wild a group of people as you get. When they are after hours and out of the castle, they know how to have a good time, and are a chosen family.

On to the juice and other things...

I had the leftovers from last night for lunch. It was alright, but I am off the beets for a few days. My stomach can not handle the beets 2 days in a row. For dinner I juiced some dill, curly parsley, cucumber, and parsnip. Taste, bland, but good. I should have added garlic or maybe more dill. I also have developed a case of oral thrush. I know, ewww TMI. Well, maybe not because I hear that part of the detox is getting nasties like candida out of your system is part of the process. I developed this first as a child, relapsing when I was taking a too-powerful antibiotic in my teens and again in my 20s. It is a yeast that feeds on sugars, and I think the fruit juice may be too much for me, may have to do more veggies. Tomorrow I am fasting on water mostly, maybe juice in the afternoon or evening. Starve them out. It is fairly common, and only looks like my taste buds are patchy. No real worries and I don't have the cooties, (though I hear fasting is a good way to get rid of the cooties). It is kind of ironic really, after I spent the better part of Sunday disinfecting my produce only to have a nasty from my own body attack me!

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