Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 9 of 60: Honeydew

Honeydew melon juice this morning. Oh how good. After all water yesterday, this tasted divine. I am not sure if I am a bit allergic though. I was drinking it, and after a bit, it was like my tongue was numb. It was all very odd. I was fine when I finished it though, so it may have been a sudden weird happening that was a detox symptom.

FYI - if you are to juice a melon, don't muck it up with other fruits. Everything I have read says that melons are digested in a flash, so they tend to want to move everything else in your system along - unless they are behind complex things and get stuck and putrefy in your guts - not good.

Otherwise my day is shaping up well. I slept well last night, despite very odd dreams, and I have some crazy dreams usually. Now on juice and no solids, my dreams are more vivid and last long. The dream: Somehow my nephew (who turned 15 today) was over my house and took my car to go deliver something across state lines. He doesn't know how to drive, but we let him go anyway. Then his mother kept calling wondering when we would bring him home. We kept making excuses about the fun we were all having because we still had yet to hear from him. He never called. Then, after a day, we got worried (I know, a whole day) and we went looking for him. Turns out he got picked up by the cops a few miles away because he didn't know the rules of the road and ran a stop sign. He wasn't being kept in a jail, but in some sort of decrepit building and the cops were shady and I am not sure what was happening, but he was someplace in there and we had to break him out. Then the alarm work me up and I will never know WTF that was about.

Lunch (who am I kidding, I have yet to touch it and it is after 2:30pm), is a very green Cucumber, Parsley, Dill, Fennel, Celery juice. It is weird because there are floaty bits in it. Very odd indeed. First sip - very, um, no taste? I think maybe these missing taste buds are making things taste funny. It is all very fresh tasting, but light. I like it. I think this combo is a keeper. Having a cucumber celery base is good for green drinks. Not sure why so many floaty bits. Maybe the screen was clogged?

Let me know what you think about my blog if anyone out there is reading this. I would appreciate the feedback. Do you like the inclusion of photos and links? What should I do more of? What questions do you have that I can answer? Help! I need more to write about than feeling so self absorbed lately!

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