Monday, April 5, 2010

2 weeks done!


Besides the accident this morning, I am happy to be at this 2 week mark. I have really tried to stick to this 100%, even avoiding licking my fingers after I packed the Easter ham away for my mom. It has not been easy, but in many ways it has.

Things that I sense are different:
  • Senses - I love to smell things, even food. I am delighting in the scents of food, though the not tasting is difficult. We have been riding past this one pizza place in Carlstadt, that neither of us has eaten at, and the smell hit you in the face and smells like heaven. I want it when I am off fast, or not.
  • Weight loss - I am down 22 pounds. My clothes are looser and I already see changes in my face.
  • Energy - I feel lighter in mind, and calm. Besides the adrenaline in my system this morning, I am not excitable usually. I feel good when I get up, sometimes have trouble, but when I am up, I am not crawling towards the coffee pot like I used to,
  • BO - I stopped using antiperspirant a few weeks ago. The link to breast cancer and the like really concerns me. I started using Toms Natural because I had such a funk. I guess rough living was coming out of my pores. And holy hell my feet...Phew! As of today, it is much less. In all honesty, I think I had a rough day and smell pretty good.
  • Allergies - My seasonal allergies are almost non existent. I have had such issues with my nose and eyes for years now. Suddenly, I am not sneezy or watery. Go figure.
  • Asthma - still sucks. I tried not taking my meds for the first two weeks and it is not good. I think I am going back to the Singular for the next two weeks and see how that goes.

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