Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 10: My first celebration point

Good Day! Today marks my first celebration point so far. *does little day ten dance* It is a beautiful day outside, perfect for juicing, and spring is on tap. This morning it is Black Plum and Red Pear juice for breakfast, pictured it is a little oxidized from being out for a while, but it is still yummy! *does little plum/pear juice dance* I am having a great day, will post more juicing bits later (especially about the day 10 celebratory event of the day!) and leave you with some housekeeping and a random over-sharing from last night's events.

I got a few questions over the past day about the fast in general. I have posted a page with specifics about the tools I use. I will be adding the books and sites I have gone to for research and support. In all, it will be laid out in case you ever had more than a passing curiosity to this fasting thing. If you have comments, suggestions, or experiences you would like to share, please do.

In other events, last night we went to a movie screening for The American, a new George Clooney fueled suspense drama action foreignish film. At this point, it is not my thing, but hey, maybe it will win an Oscar. Imagine an assassin flick full of suspense and a plot to kill the protagonist who is trying to do his last job before he gets out, like the Borne Identity (kinda). Now take that flick and locate it in the mountains and countryside of Italy and include lots of Italian and full frontal female nudity. Got it? Then add in a love interest in the form of a prostitute (or 2) who complicates the protagonists mission. Now pace it really slowly, add lots of dramatic silence, lots of dramatic out-of-focus people watching in the background, lots of sweeping violin music, and then kill any hope of there being any good action aside from the very first scene and, later, one artfully graphic sex scene. It was based on a book (a very in vogue thing to do these past 10 years), so I am sure it is not the authors fault.

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