Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 11: TGIF!

You are looking at zucchini, Granny Smith apple, cucumber juice. It is a bit tart, a bit tangy, and thick (surprisingly) from being in the fridge. Not thick like slime, really, but as juices go, this has more of a mouth-feel than others. Now that I wrote "green slime" I feel like I am drinking that slime from Nickelodeon's show You Can't Do That on Television (and this does not make me feel sick as much as nostalgic).

I had pineApple(squared) + Tangelo juice for breakfast and it was just yummy. Fruit juices are yummy, but bad for me, I know. After talking with the nutritional consultant yesterday, I am trying to stick to the alkaline foods to try to get my system a bit more balanced. Lucky me that most of the things I have been eating! I just have to lay off the sweet stuff and take some supplements to kill off the candida that is overrunning my system. I have to lay off those delicious plums! Tragic!

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