Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 12: I swear I didn't mean to do it!

Oh the horror....

So my hubby and I were out on our motorcycles today, and if you have never been on a bike, it is just fun. The thing is, I was going through water and water and water to deal with the dryness in my mouth from riding. It was not working and I was out of water, so I popped a piece of gum. I needed the moisture. Anyway, we are riding along and then I swallowed the gum without thinking! Immediately after I did it I realized what I did and freaked. I have been avoiding solids and real food and what passed my lips? Rubberized junk! I am so ashamed. It is amazing how you can just swallow gum without a thought. I am so disappointed in myself. So I am so not ever going to put gum in my mouth again. Next time I will just hold water in my mouth all day.

For the Juice, this morning it was apple Pineapple, always yummy! Then I drank some powered greens I got from Whole Foods. They were kinda blah, but it works. I started taking the supplements the nutritionist gave me. The enzymes are for digestion and to help my liver. The parasite assist is to try to get rid of any parasites I may have picked up from bad sushi in my former life. Then some stuff for free radicals. I also added some High-Lignan Flax oil, so I am getting the Omegas and Aminos.

Finially, here are photos of making my dinner, Peach Celery, Cucumber - Yum.


  1. So when all three things are juiced how do you blend it? With a spoon? Is there anything you have to worry about with oxidation and such?

  2. When I pour it into the glass it usually blends. Because of the type of juicer I user (centrifugal high speed) it does oxidize quickly. I fill the bottles up to the tippy top and seal and refrigerate while I am at work. And the morning juice I have on my way to work. It is the color issue and minimal vitamin loss with oxidation, but if you keep it cold, it will make it through the day no problem. If you make it the night before, that is more of an issue as the flavor can turn the longer you leave between making and drinking. Wheat Grass needs to be consumed in 15 minutes before the buzz is blah.


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