Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 12: I swear I didn't mean to do it!

Oh the horror....

So my hubby and I were out on our motorcycles today, and if you have never been on a bike, it is just fun. The thing is, I was going through water and water and water to deal with the dryness in my mouth from riding. It was not working and I was out of water, so I popped a piece of gum. I needed the moisture. Anyway, we are riding along and then I swallowed the gum without thinking! Immediately after I did it I realized what I did and freaked. I have been avoiding solids and real food and what passed my lips? Rubberized junk! I am so ashamed. It is amazing how you can just swallow gum without a thought. I am so disappointed in myself. So I am so not ever going to put gum in my mouth again. Next time I will just hold water in my mouth all day.

For the Juice, this morning it was apple Pineapple, always yummy! Then I drank some powered greens I got from Whole Foods. They were kinda blah, but it works. I started taking the supplements the nutritionist gave me. The enzymes are for digestion and to help my liver. The parasite assist is to try to get rid of any parasites I may have picked up from bad sushi in my former life. Then some stuff for free radicals. I also added some High-Lignan Flax oil, so I am getting the Omegas and Aminos.

Finially, here are photos of making my dinner, Peach Celery, Cucumber - Yum.

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