Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 14: Monday mornings suck.

I was set to have a lovely Monday morning commute to work on my bike, when I dumped it while attempting a left turn. I hit a rut in the road where a valve pipe was and took a spill, right in front of a cop. At least he helped me up and got my bike up. Broke my light in the rear, scraped up the left side, and bent the left peg. I am so pissed off and embarrassed because it was a stupid accident. I swear the roads in Lyndhurst are out to get me! The damage is what annoys me. I have less than 300 miles on the thing and I go and take a spill in front of a cop.

Anyway, after a good weekend, lots of temptation, I juiced and have the day set. Apple-Pear for the morning, again a bit sweet, but I need to go shopping because I have no greens in the house after this weekend. So, with my car on hand today, I have no excuse and going to the market after work or at lunch will be a great way to get my mind off the damage to my bike. Enough about that. I have some other thoughts for a post later, so I will get back to blogging when I feel a bit more together.

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