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Day 16: And the Wheel in the sky keeps on turning

Today begins the second quarter of my fast. It is amazing how fast this fast has been going! Well, maybe the first few days felt like an eternity, and maybe the days getting longer has made the days stretch on and on, but to think that I have survived and thrived this long on juice and water is really interesting. What is even more interesting is how easy it has become to juice and how less tempting it is to just chow down.  Go figure.  I could have eaten a million things between here and there, but my desire to stick-to and beat this lard-ass into submission is ever-increasing.

My reasons for this are not totally weight-loss, though it is an added benefit. I want to rid myself of the all-to-prevalent crutch of medication that is becoming such a necessary part of my life that I often panic myself into an asthma attack without it. I have had to rely on these meds, in ever increasing dosages, since I was a pre-teen.  It sort of sucks. No, it really sucks.  I remember a time back when I played softball as a kid and my coach and best friend's father, nicknamed me Speedy because I ran sooooo slowly and was so out-of-breath that I couldn't run all the laps the other girls did. This was before I actually was diagnosed and given meds. I was an active kid, really I was. I took 13 years of ballet, 5 of tap, and 6 of jazz. One year I think I was in 5 or 6 dances in the recital because I took so many extra classes. I played softball. I loved to roller-skate. I sucked in air till they realized what was wrong, then I felt better when they realized I needed meds.

I must have gone through 20 different kinds of inhaler. Whatever was pushed by the phama rep I guess. I still landed myself in the hospital a few times, no amount of albuterol letting me breathe.  I think my lungs have become so dependent on these external medications that it got lazy. I am still talking the medications for now, because I tried to just stop and my lungs said "Oh no you don't!"  So I will wait and ween.

This fast is a detox of sorts. I am trying to fill my body with good things, remove the processed foods so my system goes back to what it was built to digest.  I can't tell you how good I feel without some disbelieving me.  I know it sounds a little New Agey to say this, but on some levels, I think this is a fast for my soul. (Sheesh, it does sound a little trippy-dippy.)

So to the juice: Last night I did purple kale, romaine lettuce, a red bell pepper, and a half a leek.  It was black-green.  You know when you are a kid and doing watercolors and have that cup of water? Well, it looked like a really over-used paint cup, one that had its own color because there was more paint to water in it.  It was not bad tasting though.  It was a little earthy, but the leek made it oniony or garlicy, that is a very leek taste.  It felt like a glass of nutrients.  I think I will have the same tonight.  I did the pineapple watermelon juice again for my day juice (this time I made it at noon).  In all, today is a repeat of yesterday. On a side note, I made my hubby bacon cheese burgers with fries and baked beans for dinner last night and today he is sick. Food is trying to escape out both ends. I feel bad, at first I thought it was something I made, but then I realized my brother-in-law and nephew just had a stomach bug and we saw them for Easter. Maybe it wasn't my cooking.  In a way I am glad I am fasting, since those burgers smelled and looked so good on the grill yesterday, I am glad I didn't eat them!

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