Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 23: My Lucky Number

I am crazy tempted by food today. I am hungry for meat, for fried food, for seafood... just after lunch till right as I type this I am freaking obsessed with those images. I don't know if it is some mental purging on my part, but I am all sorts of nutty tonight. I also went to Rita's Italian Ice to get some lemon ice for the hubby, and I almost got a coffee custard. No really, I almost got it.

I was in line at the window and was thinking "Hey, I don't have to report it to my blog" and "If I just get the kids size, it'd be like nothing..." WTF?! I couldn't believe those thoughts were going through my head.  I would never really sabotage 23 days like that, but I didn't know I wasn't going to order till the woman asked "Is that all?" I was going to order the kids cone until she gave me the total and I shook myself.  It is so stupid, but I am going to learn from this and maybe by tracking these thoughts I can look back at the end of this fast and figure my head out. 

I felt otherwise productive today. I has pineapple(squared) juice for breakfast and I have to admit my love of pineapple. I love love love it.  I also tried tomato leek celery basil juice for lunch. I took 2 nice organic tomatos, a half a leek (split lengthwise), 3 stalks of celery, and a large handful of fresh basil. It made a lot of juice, but it was really quite good. I love how leeks are like onions and garlic together. I never had them before juicing them, but boy are they good. I think split lengthwise and grilled would be good (there I go again).  I was hungry enough for dinner tonight (like I haven't been a lot), so I made some carrot ginger.  It is too gingery, but passable.

Well, what kind of silly thought pass through your mind about food?

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