Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 26: Lazy lazy lazy

We entertained friends today, having an indoor picnic since it was threatening rain all day. They guys all had sandwiches and I make tuna pasta salad for them. It looked great. I had pineapple mango apple juice for breakfast and while they were eating, I had tomato sweet potato celery jalepenio shallot dandalion basil juice. It sounds like a crazu mix (and looks a bit like mud) but it was delicious. For the most part.

I also found myself in that pretzel licking mood and de-salted 3 pretzels and washed it down with another almond chocolate nut milk. I am hearby saying that having that nut milk yesterday has been my downfall for the weekend. All my cravings are back, they are going full-force. I am like crazy hungry. I want to eat everything.

Needless to say that it I wish I would not have listened to that one blog that said they used nut milk when they were feeling like they needed to lose slower. It has made me nuts. Either my metabolism or digestive system or something is burning high today because I want to tear through the leftovers like a shark.

I want a blankie and to forget this day. I am not having a great one. (If I refect, I see how my emotions and body are feeling because I should not have put that into it.)

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