Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DAY 30: And the envelope please....

It is all downhill from here baby. If I wasn't pumped before today, today is a reason to celebrate. Who knew I would make 30 days? Not me.  Especially not the way I was a month ago. I read on the 92-day juice feasting website that for every day you fast, your body goes back in time 120 days. If this is true, 30 days of fasting equals 3600 days, or almost 10 years! Happy 21st birthday to me. At this rate, on day 60 I am going back to being a pre-teen (oh I hope I don't get that awkward phase thing with the weird fuzzy 80s hair)!

Anyway, This morning blog is sponsored by my pineapple watermelon strawberry juice because, well, just because. I could be a fruititarian. Ok, maybe not that drastic, but now is the time when I need to think about what my diet is going to consist of when this fast is over.  I feel really great. I think I am looking better than I have in years (as my best friend said, I am less puffy).  So what to do?

Logic says there is something to raw foodism, that is eating food in its natural and unprocessed state.  This is an extreme form of veganism. Raw foods equates to food that have not been heated at temperatures above 104 °F (40 °C). Different textures are achieved by how the produce is treated (dehydrated, mashed, pulped, fermented, sprouted, etc). I know from all my reading that there are many benefits to this way of living, but I am not sure I can go 100% raw.

I do like meat and don't have huge hang-ups about being omnivorous. I have canine teeth and incisors to deal with flesh.  Maybe I will be more choosy and when I do eat meat I will seek out local, organically raised meat, grass-fed beef, and not do the mystery meat offered by fast food restaurants and most stores. I can see this as being an expense, but there is nothing to say that I need to eat meat like I used to (at every meal almost). I could limit myself to meat once or twice a week, limit dairy to almost none (as I think I have a big problem with dairy), and limit my grains some. I could do a 50% raw, 30% cooked, 15% grain, and 5% meat diet.  I would love cooked veggies right now.  What I wouldn't give for a baked potato with the roasted cilantro hot sauce we gave away at the wedding!

I'll catch you later, but I would love some feedback. How much meat do you eat? Have you ever considered a change in diet before?



  1. I cut out HFCS and started eating more organically grown foods and I have to say it has made a huge difference in how I feel and my energy levels. I need to eat more veggies but Im working on it. I like my red meat too much but only eat it 2 times a week or so. Otherwise its fish, eggs, chicken or some combination of that. The bread I eat is made from whole grains and not processed (and no HFCS there either) so I think that has been helping also. Good job Lynette, glad to see you are feeling better!

  2. I've never done a cleanse like you are doing..but I have done different diets and have gone long periods where I have cut out red meat, fats, and processed food.

    Your body is going to be your guide when you get off this fast because it will be at it's purest form. It's an unique opportunity and hard won (60 days!!!!) to get the most honest and accurate roadmap to what type of diet your body needs.

    I would say that's when you pay the most attention to how your stomach reacts to solid foods, particularly fats, processed foods and animal proteins.

    I'm pretty sure lean proteins will make you feel fact you may get a super powerful energy buzz from eating chicken breast, an egg white omelet, or a piece of salmon.

    Red meat might be a different story...I am almost positive you will feel kind've bad from your first cut of red meat. It will probably sit in your stomach like a lump and zap you of energy. It will taste good though...and I think most people force their bodies into red meat submission because they favor their taste buds over their stomach.

    The same thing will probably be true of fatty foods...your taste buds will love it but it will feel pretty heavy and lumpy in your belly.

    You'll probably acutely feel the effects of the chemicals and fakeness of any type of processed food. Anything with high levels of sodium will make your blood pressure soar...processed sugars will make you feel like you just drank 20 red bulls.

    Basically, you just reset your body. It's all cleaned up inside and that includes all of it's previous tolerances and filters.

    Whatever you do, you just want to introduce foods slowly and deliberately. Take the time to listen to your stomach after each new food is reintroduced...if what you eat makes you feel good, keep eating it. If it makes you feel bad, then you have a choice to listen now and cut it out of your diet OR you can build back those tolerances and filters.

    Take this from a girl with a sensitive stomach...if there is one thing I have learned dealing with my issues, is that your stomach is your second brain.



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