Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 32: Friday

Ugh. I feel great and I worked from home today, but I am so blah tonight. I am tried and it is 10:30pm and I haven't blogged and I am fighting to think of some brilliance to write. Aurgh.

Ok. I drank watermelon pineapple mango juice for breakfast, great as always. Then I went out at lunch for a ride on my motorcycle to the Indian Grocery to look for green coconuts. I found them, and they are about $1.50 less than they were at Delicious Orchards, but they are still in the green husk and I have no idea of the quality of the water.  I will try it tomorrow.  I had the last husked one for lunch when I got home and it was super good.

What I am thinking about today is not eating the junk food in the house.  When we had people over last week we had chips and snacks for them, but the leftover bags are sitting out. I tossed them today when I found myself looking at them. I thought maybe my husband would want them and that is why they sat all week, but when it was clear he wasn't interested (and I was starting to get more interested) I tossed them. Well, I actually crushed the potato chips and flushed them. It was cathartic, but I am in a bored lull with my juices. I have been good and stayed away from carrot and beet juices because of the sweetness, but I rhink I have to break them out tomorrow because I need a change.  After that bad night two weeks about on beet apple juice, I doubt I will be able to drink the beets again, but I will try.

It is almost 11pm, so I am off to bed. I am going to take a bit of B Complex tomorrow, maybe it will cheer me up!

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