Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 35: Pink Coconut Water?

I opened a fresh young coconut to this lovely shade of pink lemonade this afternoon. The "meat" was jelly like and pinkish. It was so young there was little by way of flesh. I was hesitant to drink it, but it was not the first time it has happened. I of course went to the great Google Matrix and looked to see if it was bad, and all I got was conflicting information. I went with the it didn't taste bad or look bad, so I would have it.  I feel good still so I doubt it was bad.  It was not grey or yellow or cloudy, but it was a bit rosy.  Ah well, it was pretty good still.

I am hungry like a wild animal today. Not sure why, but there it is.  I am having a 3rd juice today. I really want pizza with mushrooms and onions and garlic and maybe sausage.  Yum. Or not.

Anyway, this tomato parsley romain lettuce bell pepper celery juice is totally rad. Not. Ah well.

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