Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 36: Do I go for broke?

When I started researching fasting, juicing, and the like, I came across this thing (I mentioned on my resources page) called Juice Feasting. Basically it is drinking lots of green juices (like 1500 calories worth) a day for 92 days.  There is a daily course that goes along with it, and I am not sure about the finer points (as I did not pay for membership to read the tons of articles), but it seems like an interesting idea.  I have watched many YouTube video blogs about this and became very inspired by other people's processes. 

In watching them, I began to think that 92 days was crazy long and I would never be able to do it.  Now that I am on day 36 myself, it seems far more doable.  92 days.  Hmm. I am not convinced that my body wants that, but I will make my decision around day 50. For now I am all in for 60 days.

In juice today - Pineapple sickle pear (yum) and the water from one young coconut.  I know. Not enough. I am not drinking enough juice. I have to do more. I am getting bad with making juice for lunch in the morning an am deferring to coconut water. I don't mean to, I just get home and get the hubby's food ready and I say forget my juice...I'll be fine.  Today I was because I went to visit my best friend and chat. I did not get home till almost 9pm, so I had some Yogi Healthy Fasting tea with a bit of local honey. I have a bit of a headache (all day working with my eye glasses at home on my table). I am getting to bed.

Night all.

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