Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 37: Headaches ache

I have had a mild headache since yesterday. I guess it is either a symptom of detox or the lack of glasses (that are already 4 years old) at work. I am sure it is a combination of the two. So tomorrow, I have an eye exam to get some fancy new specs.

I juiced a whole bunch of giant red globe grapes for breakfast (a first) and they were so good, but so sweet. It was sweeter than soda. I really took until noon to finish breakfast. For lunch (around 3:30) I had young coconut water (again) and this one was especially delicious. I got the lid off in such a way that the meat was still intact and only the shell peeled off the top. It was cool, but I didn't have the camera to take a photo. Ah well.

I came home and made the hubby ravioli, a quick tomato sauce, and then decided it would behoove me to make a juice for myself. I know it was late (after 8:30), but I needed to start getting in the juicing dinner habit again.  I made asparagus celery cucumber, and boy was it green. It tasted very mild, not at all like the taste of cooked asparagus. I am not sure about that weird smelly #1 thing yet (have not digested that far, but I will let you know if the same holds true for raw juiced asparagus).

My thoughts today have been about extending this or not, raw food or not, vegan or not, clean eating or, you get the point. I think I am obsessing over the end and not focusing on the present again. So I took a few deep breaths and noticed that my pants are falling off (yay!) and my bra is too big (boo!). I need to go shopping soon for some new things so I don't look like I am wearing another person's clothes.

What am I forgetting to tell you? I am not sure. Does anyone have questions? A topic started that I haven't already covered? I think I need a prompt for tomorrow. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would love to know how you have the willpower to cook pasta and sauce while juicing?? I would be like a vampire if I smelled sauce while on a cleanse. =)


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