Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 38: Morning Kids!

This goes out to Michelle, because she was nice enough to ask...

One thing I miss besides eating, is cooking. I miss cooking a lot sooo much.  I love making concoctions and recipes and hodge-podge creations for dinner, and I miss making tomato sauce and pot roast and all those weekend cooking things.  It doesn't make sense to make a pot roast for my husband, nor can I take making a pot roast for people at all. I have gone other places where there is food, but it is 100 times harder at home because when I cook, I taste. I cook, I hunger, I taste, I really hunger, and I eat the masterpiece. It is hard times when you are fasting. However, I can do dinner for one often enough because I have been cooking for him for 12 years and I know what he will eat and what he won't. I know how to whip up a quick sauce and make pasta well enough that I don't need to taste it.  It is not my favorite meal, so no harm. I love the smell of the long-simmered sauce, so I haven't made that yet.  I have defrosted several of my frozen home-made sauces since I started, so when I am eating again, I will have to replensih the stock.

I also can make all kinds of chicken dishes. I love them,  but two breasts in a pan with seasoning over rice with a side of corn is fine for the hubby. The other night I made caramelized shallots with garlic, lots of fresh parsley, olive oil, 4 slices of chopped bacon, and butter butter beans then served it with ziti for his dinner. He enjoyed it for 2 days and while it smelled like the 7th cloud of heaven (heaven smells a bit like bacon in my world), I didn't have it. It is such a quick meal that I can have it when I come back to eating. If I come back to cooked foods.  Still not decided.

I will blog again later, but I am enjoying my OJ with a touch of mango, for breakfast (and it is almost noon!)

PS- No. No stinky Pee from raw asparagus juice!

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