Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 39: After the juice settles...

Apple pear juice sounds good. Heck it tastes good.  It doesn't, however, look real good. By the time I rode to work, the yummy of the juice turned into brown with flecks of ick. No matter. I am used to juice settling, oxidizing, and generally funktifying over the course of an hour or more. That strange separation between church and state happening in a bottle is very odd, but a shake and a straw are all I need to get by.

I am in the middle of a bottle of gherkin spinach apple romaine lettuce celery juice. It is surprisingly sweet, especially because I only put 1 granny smith into it. (I think my taste buds are freaking out.)

In other news....I am happy that the days are counting down till summer. I am tired of surprise cold days. Today it looks promising, and tomorrow should be in the mid 80s (or 28C for you others). I want to soak up the sun....(and yes, I am singing that Sheryl Crow song right now.)

Catch you later with something more interesting (maybe).

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