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How does one celebrate 10 days fasting?

I celebrated with colonic and live-blood analysis screening! TMI I know, for some, but I have to say I feel really good. I went to Nick at New Beginnings Holistic Center in Suffern. If you wanted to know more, I'll share, but for now, lets leave it at that. I left with some supplements for my digestion and liver, but in all, he says my blood and immune system look real great. He even said that all signs point to a detox of great proportions happening in my system. My white blood cells are really big and healthy, eating whatever bad stuff is in my system.

The protein issue was a topic of conversation. Here's the deal: I am taking in protein in the form of plant protein for now. It is not a lot, and when you are fasting, taking in protein slows down the detoxification process. You can take in a protein powder in a shake, if you are feeling sick and weak, but if you don't and you are doing alright, your body will go after the weakest and most expendable of your tissues, cleaning house and really attacking the fat stores. It is true that your body does go after its resources of fat and protein during a fast. For me, that is not a big deal because I have plenty to give: I am strong like a bull. Even if I lost all the fat on this body, this same body has been carrying around extra weight for many years. Imagine carrying 20-100 extra pounds all day, every day, for years. I'd bet you'd put some extra muscle on too! However, there is a way to get your body to retain the muscle you want to keep. I am doing some mild toning exercises to trick my body into keeping some of the muscles it may want to go after. For now, it is Pilates and those bar exercises I used to do when I was a little girl in ballet.

But it all comes down to listening and getting more in tune with your body. I am not stupid. If I start getting symptoms of sickness, dizziness, or anything that lets me know I am in danger, I will seek medical attention. For now, my blood work is fantastic, my BP is down, my pulse is great, and above all, I feel really good. The RN I worked with today said that I am basically healthy from all my vitals and am in no danger of staving to death and dropping tomorrow. In fact, she said something I happen to trust - your body is built to survive, and it will let you know when you are in danger. Judging on how I feel now, I could live 100 more years on juice. I feel really, really good after today.

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