Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday, a week since my last day

It has been a week. I have gotten back to the solids, whole hog...well, almost literally as I am preparing to smoke some pork for a Memorial Day fest at my house on Sunday. I have not gone back to sweets and junk as people may have thought I would. I have had prunes, fruit, prunes, salads, prunes, rice, did I mention the prunes?

Last night I had some protein - King Crab Legs.  I bought and made 2 legs for dinner. They were too much money and too filling, but I wanted something memorable.  Now I will forever remember how one would have been quite enough and would have saved me money. My eyes outdid my tummy, as it has several times this past week. It has been hard. I ate a salad for lunch the other day, spinach red onion mushrooms peppers sprouts and this fresh chopped tomato onion cilantro "salsa" on top. It was great, but I felt like a tub of lard afterward as it filled me to the breaking point about an hour later with gas. Sorry this is the subject of yet another post, but ugh. It was not the passing kind, but the belching kind.  I need to go back to simpler salads.

I had some sprouted spelt sourdough toast for breakfast today, with cherry preserves, and I am still full. I think this solid food thing is going to break me. I want to eat again, but I am not finding the hunger for it like while fasting. Meal-times come and go and I have found myself eating because of the time. I thought this was the right plan as I need to get my system running again, get the metabolism burning, but I am going awry. 

The Master your Metabolism plan starts next Tuesday. I will be posting more regularly as The program is so new to me and I need to keep track for my own sanity. Later gator...

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Jumpin Jack Flash, It's a gas! gas! gas!

Truly one of the most wondrous things about coming back into real foods is the way your body seems to be all clunky trying to get back into a rhythm. It spends a lot of time churning out noxious fumes and making ungodly noise, while your GI tract practices refining food to fuel. It is like I went from a hybrid to a diesel. Not the most fun transition in the world, but I am enjoying the chew and texture of food again.

 (Forget the Stones, I keep thinking about the Whoopie Goldberg movie as I write the title here.)

I went into this break easy...prunes on Saturday. Prunes on Sunday, and then we worked hard cleaning the attic, basement and house all day, so I had almost half of an egg white, mushroom and tomato omelet for "dinner". More prunes and some pineapple today. Juice when I get home (tomato fennel celery basil leek) and maybe an hour at the gym. Fun fun.

I felt weird not blogging last night.  I didn't have a plan for after the fast blogging.  I think when I start the next program (Memorial Day), I will do every other day blogging, but do I start a new blog? This one was for juice fasting, perhaps I just change the sub-header? Currently: Reflections and conversations through a 60-day juice fast. Now what do I say? Ideas? Do I just tack on a "any beyond" to the end? That seems a bit Bed Bath and Beyond to me.

In other news, if you or someone you know is interested in trying juicing, perhaps a 15-day reboot is for you.  It is a 5-5-5 day program of veggies/fruits, juice, then veggie/fruits.  I think it is very good for a beginner. Check out;

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Breaking my Fast, Breaking my Fast (dun dun dun)

I broke the fast today with 8oz of soaked prunes (the non sulfur ones from Trader Joes). They were tasty and mushy.  Very very mushy. I got so full that tomorrow I will do half as much. I think my digestion is working again because the noises are unreal. It sounds like growling and rumbles rolling around in there. Oh, and it may be TMI, but I haven't really farted in 2 months. I more than made up for that today. LOL.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 60: Top 10 Before and After - Number 1

Last Day of my fast! I am so happy. I have my meal of prunes soaking for tomorrow. I am thrilled.

I filmed a bit this morning, but the sound is off. I will post it here anyway.

I went to Nyack Main Essentials, that Vegan Dominican Juice Bar I went to on my birthday 60 days ago.  I had pineapple celery kale parsley lemon ginger juice.  It was really great.  That grapefruit asian pear juice was pretty good too. For dinner, after my interview, I made tomato basil leek parsley celery juice that was great.  Overall it was a great day, and I am looking forward to eating my first solid food in 2 months!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 59: Top 10 Before and After - Number 2

Number 2 is all about the skin. Raw was really good for me. I noticed a big change in the texture and color of my skin over these past few weeks. Like I have said before, I have always had nice skin.  I never was an acne victim, even when I was a teen.  It is good genetics.  That said, please check out this in pictures - starting with my 30th birthday last March (with my brother and sister):
Red faced from too much tequila. Then that summer, with my world citizen friend:
Clear, but I wish I had close-ups. I had tight pores, so tiny white heads that never went away. Here is my and my sister in September:
Then New Years with the hubby, in Gerogia:
Then us 4wheeling in the Poconos this past February:

Now for the fasting images:
Even without any makeup, I am happy with the changes. Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 58: Top 10 Before and After - Number 3

I had a pretty great day today. I worked, I worked out, I had watermelon pineapple juice...yum.

Here I am, hours away from my end of fast.  WooHoo!  In trying to think of 3 more things that have changed since I started this fast and I am almost at a loss. I know there are more things, it is just the forethought was lacking when I started with 10 and then started combining things along the way. So here goes:

The 3rd change I have noticed is the calmness in my thoughts and speech. I don't know if that is the most abstract thing I could have said, but yeah, that is the abstractness for you. Totally not something anyone but me could notice, well, except the people I am not rambling to.  I am even finding it hard to write about.  So here is a photo to hold you over:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 57: Top 10 Before and After - Number 4

Today I didn't have juice or water or anything until the evening. I worked from home so I could take my newest cat to the vet because I saw worms in his stool. Turns out I then have to come home and bring all the other animals (2 more cats and a dog) to have shots as a precaution.  Ugh. I couldn't stomach the thought of ingesting anything. Turns out the little party they had in my garbage (eating those pads that soak up the juice from meat in those Styrofoam packages) was tape-worm worthy. Shudders. Makes one want to be a vegetarian and never go back to meat.

Anyway, back to the subject. The number 4 before and after is my appreciation for all things produce. (Can you tell I am saving more photos for the top 3?)  Before, I would have 3 main veggies (because that is what the husband would eat and I didn't want to waste cooking) Salad (lettuce, onions, peppers), Corn, and Carrots. Sometimes I would make myself mushrooms because I love a fungi (get it? Fun guy), but as they skive the hubby, that was a rare treat.  I have always eaten all kinds of veggies (I am not a picky eater at all), but my limits were in imagination and laziness. Why buy and make two side dish veggies?

Now, since I have spent 60 days making juices for me and food for him (sometimes), I am all for making separate foods for us. It is a bit more work, but in reality, as picky as my hubby is, I can get him to eat better if I cook things that are more along the lines of what I need to eat. For example, I have already cut the beef from my chili recipe and use ground turkey or chicken instead, and then even half as much as I double and triple the kinds of beans I add. I have also shredded veggies into the base and have hidden them in the tomatoey goodness.  And I do not add oil or salt. I serve it over rice. I can forgot the cheese he may want to add to the top, or the sour cream, but I like adding minced green onions.

I know that I will be eating fish about 4 times a week when I get to eating again. He will not have fish. There is a mental block there. It is the thought of it that freaks him out, I guess. But what is the work in making a fish and a chicken breast in the same style? Food prep will be planning, and I am willing and looking forward to inventing ways to use veggies. I have tried bokchoy, beets, leeks, celery root, sun chokes, dandelion, and Swiss chard in my juice, never having eaten them or made them before. I look forward to trying them in whole form in the coming weeks. I have been drinking with my eyes, getting all the colors in, and now I will move past corn and carrots, in favor of more variety and color.

Day 56: Top 10 Before and After - Number 5

Crapola. Missed blogging last night due to playing with my new phone. I finally got a Droid after putting off the upgrade for 4 years. So I spent a while playing with it (and the husbands since apparently our contacts will not back up into the new phones from our Backup Assistant). Anyway...

I hit a high today when I went to visit my mom for lunch. I stopped at Organica in Ramsey for a juice (kale cucumber tomato celery spinach lemon), then I went over by her house to have my drink and chat.  I mentioned how my work dress pants are all falling off my butt and she, the wonderful seamstress, offered to take in the pants while I had lunch.  So she pinned the back, down the rear seam, and sewed.  She took 6 inches off the waist!

This is now number 5 - six inches off the waist of my dress pants.  Now, you have to figure it is even more because the pants have a stretchy give and I have been wearing them for the past 4 or 5 years. The whole label section from the rear is gone. I am so happy.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 55: Top 10 Before and After - Number 6

While I wanted to post more photos, I again couldn't find the right ones, so I will give you another abstract: JOY.

Joy, bliss, happiness, cheer, glee, cheerfulness, jocundity, gaiety, mirth, whatever you call it, I have felt it in waves over these 60 days.  Much of it I attribute to the goodness I have been taking in. You are what you eat I guess. Clean fresh foods have worked magic on me.  I am glad to have been able to feel really good, like really really good, for most of this fast. Sure there have been moments (just ask my sis and hubby how cranky I was in NYC when I was without juice for far too long and needed something). Yet in all this time I have felt up much more than down.

Other bits I attribute to purging my system of old junk, old feelings, and toxicicity. A lot can be said for the amounts of gunk that builds up over the years.

The other piece of this is reconnecting with people in my life, and by this I mean you there reading these words. You have inspired me, kept me going, and have brought support I needed so many times.  Without the accountability of my network, I don;t know if I could have made it through the down times. Thank you.

Friday is getting closer and closer. I am 55 days in, and 50 lbs down.  I feel like a new woman. 

Breakfast: Tomato celery fennel lettuce garlic
Lunch: coconut water.
Dinner: I kinda ate everything late, so I skipped it.

Day 54: Top 10 Before and After - Number 7

I can't believe today was my last Saturday. Wooo Hooo!

I am so excited, but nervous. Today The husband, my sister, and I went into Manhattan to visit the American Museum of Natural History. We took the train from Secaucus, the subway uptown, and we walked around there for the day.  Then we took a cab down to Little Italy and they had a great dinner and I drank an entire large bottle of mineral water myself. Then we decided it was nice out and we walked from Little Italy to Penn Station.  I just took my pedometer off and we walked 21610 steps today, about 8 miles....if my pedometer was registering all the steps.

This brings me to the next item of before and after --  stamina.  I walked today and didn't give into the cab or subway on the way back. I would have not been able or willing to do that walk 2 months ago. At least not in the hard pounding of the museum then walk throughout the city. Call me lazy, but the pounding on my knees and back would not have been worth it.  As it is, right now my feet are sore.

Even outside today, I joined a gym Wednesday and went 2x on Thursday and again yesterday, an hour or more each time. I even did a little jog (for a minute) on the treadmill yesterday.  I haven't used my rescue inhaler at the gym yet. It is amazing. I could have worn that inhaler around my neck 2 months back.  Now, it was in the bottom of my bag for days.  I am thankful.

Breakfast - Pineapple Strawberry
Lunch/Dinner - Tomato celery cucumber lemon

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 53: Top 10 Before and After - Number 8

Tonight the thought of the day is not photo related.  Tonight I think energy is number 8. My energy and general sense of cheer is so much higher. I have hit the gym 3 times in 2 days. I have survived without coffee. And I am even more of an optimist than ever before.

Before, things were getting progressively harder to manage. I was depressed, sort of, sometimes, or maybe just down on myself and on things in my life. If I put it in perspective, life was not bad, it was just routine and I fell into this funk. I was stressed at work, letting it get to me, and then just going through the motions at home. It was perpetual gray, a cloudy day they never ended. Hey, at least it wasn't raining, and I was never an Eeyore.

The after is this sense of light in my life. Eating pure, eating raw, is such a power energy trip. I come home and feel like doing stuff. I could actually have energy to go to the gym, go for a walk, or even clean the house. Shocking. It is amazing that carrying around all that extra baggage, physical and emotional, was enough to not want to do simple tasks like chores.

Today I am much more of a Tigger.

Breakfast: um, I forgot to have it since I was working from home.
Lunch - Strawberry Pineapple

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 52: Top 10 Before and After - Number 9

I bought a shirt last year on my birthday. I don't know what convinced me that it fit right, but there you have it. It kinda fit. I was very happy with it. I wore it to work. I think I wore it maybe 4 times before I retired it to the closet of - this doesn't make me feel great about myself anymore and it is wrinkled.  So out it came this morning as clothes are making my number 9 before and afters...

So there you have it. I feel much better in the shirt now, and I think I will wear it until it is too big for me. Number 9 more importantly, is not about how clothes fit, it is how I feel in them. I think my little fashion show in the office last year was like 15 photos in different poses, trying to feel good in my skin and the persona I was wearing. I was trying too hard to bring on the confidence. 

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am no shrinking violet. I have always be the outgoing, theater, singing, and show-person type.  I am a Type A personality, a true Aries, and sometimes that comes through as trying too hard to show others that I am confident and feel good about myself all the time.  That little nudge of humanity that wants to admit that confidence and personality are not always on full-tilt is stifled by my larger-than-life show.

During this fast a lot of things slowed down for me, one of these being my performance.  I became more aware of true emotions I was having, whether they were about food or not, and found I wasn't trying so hard to be "me".  I think I often feel like the elephant in the room, pardon that image, like, there is no denying that a very tall (I am 5'9" in flat feet) and very large women walks into a room. So instead of being bothered by (assumed looks and thoughts) the presence, I owned it. I now realize that those thoughts I was having, that general approach to who I was, was really detrimental and it drained me of energy.  I am not sure if people knew how "on" I was, even when I was quiet.  It is stressful.

In closing, Feeling better in my clothes and feeling better in my skin, has done a lot to relieve the burdens of my self-presentation. I don't feel like I am tap dancing across the stage with the Russian judge giving me the stink-eye for not being perfect.  I find comfort in slowing my mind down and being more true to my feelings, now that I can better distinguish them and listen to them.  Don't get me wrong...I am still a Type-A Aries with a huge personality, only now, it is coming from a more genuine, calm, and realized place.

Juice: Breakfast - Pineapple watermelon
               Lunch - Tomato (heirloom and plum) celery kale garlic

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 51: Top 10 Before and Afters - number 10

This morning I pulled out the top I wore at Xmas eve dinner this past year. I bought it right before Xmas eve, not trying it on, and assumed it would work.  Then I saw the photos...

Horrified because I looked like 1) and old lady; 2) an old fat lady; and 3) an old fat lady wearing something she knitted.  Not to mention the general ick of my skin. In many ways I know I look like my mom. There is no denying this fact. There is no escaping our similar features. But in this outfit, I looked like my mom so much that I barely see myself. The ill-fit was all over. I can only imagine what others thought of the utter dowdiness and the fact that this new outfit looked like some cast-off from grandma's Bingo club. You might think - aw, this is just one bad picture, so here is yet another of the same fugly outfit:

I look Asian in these pictures because my chubby cheeks are all up in my eyes.

Not wanting to waste money, I kept it. I figured it may look better another day, perhaps with a different top, or I could use it if I ever had to play an old lady in a Local Theater Production. I figured, if anything, I could wear it to the office one day when my boss was out. After I washed the cream top, it shrank a bit and I never got to wear it. Until today. It was chilly, so I pulled it out, and I must say, it sure looks better now, though the blue knit is a bit big on me:

Juice: Breakfast - Pineapple Asian Pear
              Lunch - went to Organica in Ramsey, Tomato carrot kale beet garlic celery

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 50: 9 days left, it's in the single digits now baby!

Meet Joe Cross. Joe is my inspiration for my 60 day fast.  His film Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead showed me that healing yourself is possible, that one can "do it" if one sets their mind to it, that excuses are just that, excuses.  He changed his life, the lives of those he came in contact with, and he inspired me to change my life.  Here I am, 50 days of raw juices in me, I feel better than I ever have before, and I have come a long way to taking control of my life. Thank you Joe (and Phil!)

Watching the film again tonight was a trip. I was nodding my head almost the whole way through.  The cravings, the increased energy, the thoughts about life, I can now say I have been there. It was like watching my own experiences (in a way) on screen.  Though I struggle with a different diagnosis (asthma and Poly-Cystic Ovarian Disorder, known as PCOS), I have been there, and I am headed to someplace better.

Watching with my sister, husband, and friend, it struck me that there is nothing stopping them from doing this than themselves. The people Joe interviewed, all across the US, all spoke about knowing they had to change their diet, then in another breath talking about how they love fast food. In all cases, people admitted they were to blame for their eating habits and they were the ones who could change them. Then in many cases people realized they were headed for an early grave with lots of medical complications on the way there.  All this after saying they should change their diet. What is stopping people?

I was there, I was stopping myself. I was scared of committing to myself. Like Joe says, my priorities in life were all backwards. My health and life (longevity) was way below fun, work, socializing, my friends, family and food. Somehow death and getting old seems so abstract...until you have an asthma attack that robs you of breath to the point that you think you are dying. I would have those kinds of attacks, and puff on my rescue inhaler, almost nightly.

In 50 days, I have gotten out of my way and am helping myself live again. I am reclaiming the lost love I have for life. I am enjoying willpower and control for the very first time. With all these micronutrients and all this bounty, I am building the foundation for my future with positivity, light, and health. The glow just radiates from within. Truly, you make your own destiny. You can choose to do all those things that will help you live a slower, fuller, clearer, cleaner and more peaceful life, or you can choose to live your life racing to your own death, a ride fueled by fast food, drugs, and disease. All it takes is a bit of commitment to yourself.

It is here you will find me.

YouTube Debut

I made an actual video for the first time ever. Don't laugh. I used Picasa and uploaded it to YouTube. If you like it, let me know and I will do some more process clip shows. I think I am going to video my return to food. Let me know what you think.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 49: Feeling Much Better

I had a good day. After I accidentally spilled my fresh plum strawberry juice into the sink (really, a full cup), I made some apple plum juice for breakfast. Then, for lunch, I had coconut water.  Topping the day off with food shopping for celery and tomatoes for me, and Manwich for the hubby...BUT I am not feeling hungry like a mad woman today or anything like I have been.

I wanted to blog about my dinner and show pics in the process of making it, but I doubt anyone even reads this blog anymore, so, maybe tomorrow.  I am weighing the process of uploading and including all the photos with getting to bed before 11pm. Right now, it looks like 11pm wins. If anyone wants to see all the juicing details, let me know in the comments...(if anyone is still following...hello? [echo echo echo])

Tomorrow I am going to that screening, if anyone wanted to go I have 2 extra seats. the details are in the post a few back if anyone wanted to go and not be my special guest...

Oh, and in disgusting news...I left some of that carrot juce from Whole Foods, in the cup in the car overnight. It has been kinda cool up here this week, so I think, no biggy, right? Wrong.  I go to dump the cup out in the sink today and ewww.... it was the consistency of slime and boogers. It dripped out of the straw like one giant orange snot...ick.  Then globbed down the drain. Never have I seen a drink left for only a day, do that.  I say either it is a mark of freshness and no preservatives, or there was something funky going on with the juice to begin with and that is part of why I felt like bloody hell last night. I wish I had taken photos for you is all I'm sayin'.


Day 48: Sick on Sunday

I got new glasses and I think (not sure) they may have been at the root of a MAJOR headache yesterday, my first day of wearing them.  It was so bad I could not get near the computer to type, but reached for the Advil instead. Adding a pain reliever to my pure raw juice body was also not fun, I had some Carrot Juice from Whole foods for breakfast and little else all day, not even water.  I guess the combination really did a number on my system because by 6pm I was in the bathroom, major headache and feeling quite crappy.

This post should fill in the blank for yesterday. Word of warning, while fasting, don't drink out (you can't control the cleanliness of person, machine, or place) , don't get a new glasses prescription (unless you really have to), don't put off juicing and drinking water all day (it only exacerbates the problem), and don't take pain relievers (go out and find something more natural). This morning I am all foggy in the head.  I think it is a combination of all those "don'ts" that ended me up in this sad state.  I am off to work not, catch you later for day 49!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 47: The Bar, sober

Today I went to my nieces dance recital...I remember being far more coordinated when I was in dancing school. I took 13 years of ballet, about 6 years of tap and 6 years of jazz. I Used to dance a lot, multiple costumes and classes. Our school, I think, was also larger and led by former professional dancers from the American Ballet Company. Yet, it was also a small school and very family oriented. I spent the 2 hours in the auditorium having flashbacks of when I was a girl preforming in stage.

Speaking of preforming, I went out to a great dive (ish) bar for a friends birthday. They have the best (and I mean best) buffalo wings in the world.  It was hard not to jump over the crowd and have at 'um. It is a touchy subject, wings, because before this fast started, I planned on wings as my last meat food. It didn't happen though.  We had ordered wings from a pizzeria and they were gross. And then I went on the fast.

Really, in all actuality, I don't want wings anymore. I like the smell of them, and I like the spicy, but I am sure there are alternatives. I think some garlic in tomato fennel basil jalapeno juice will do it to it tomorrow. Maybe when I am back at eating, I will have one or two wings, but not anytime soon.

I had a good time, and it was sobering to see how much of a social lubricant alcohol is. I never am a big drinker. Never have been one to have more than a few drinks when we go out, but I watched how even a few caused some people to slur speech, act more outgoing, and loosen up.  And I saw how too many really blurred lines of good taste and, while funny, I never like to be the real drunk one. That happened exactly once in my life, and will not happen again.

Anyway, it is really late. To recap - young coconut water for lunch and I bought apple celery parsley juice from Whole foods and had that for lunch and dinner (and brought it to the bar and sipped it with water all night.  Store bought juice is a quick alternative, if it is fresh, but I would have rather had cucumber instead of apple, and I know home is the only way to be sure of what goes into the juice, how the machines are cleaned, and how clean the person making the juice is.  :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 46: Forgotten Friday

So, news, I forgot to blog last night, so this quicky is in lieu...

I drank grape apple juice (way too sweet) for breakfast.
For lunch, tomato celery orange bell pepper garlic (very yummy).

When I came home I cleaned up a bit, then I started that book I got signed...Needless to say I made it about 250 pages, realized I had to be up this morning to go to a dance recital for my niece, and hit the hay. I wanted to finish the book, but I put it down because I love my niece.

This morning I am starved, but I have time to write this, shower, and make a lunch juice before I have to go pick up my Oma. I will have young coconut water for breakfast I think. Blog day 47 later...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 45: Stawberry Fields Forever...

Strawberry Pineapple juice for breakfast and that was it.  I was running so late this morning, couldn't find my car keys, and I forgot to grab the coconut. I was so hungry come lunchtime. I think the yummy juice for breakfast went down too fast and I was all in for lunch. I couldn't go out for lunch because I had things to do at work, and when I sent home I did the olives again. I must have sucked the salt out of about 10 Kalamata olives. Sure I spit the pulp out, but still, so bad.

I waited too long. Ugh.

I made tomato garlic celery juice for dinner. It was good, but the guilt weighs on me. I only have 15 days left, so why did I have such a bad day? Such an off day?

Even though I was rushed this morning, I should have gone out for lunch. I know that not having lunch is destructive. I know that waiting hours and hours to have something when you are hungry is destructive. I think I did it because I am getting nervous about the end of the fast? Maybe I am nervous of success? I have a lot to think about tonight.

In other news, a new gym opened near my house and I am thinking of joining.  The special is $20 a month for the year. I think that sounds like a good deal.  I am going to check it out tomorrow after work.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 44: Sure, I'll go out...

I am falling asleep while typing...

I was supposed to meet my transplanted in Cali friend at a bar in her old town tonight, but I am so tired. I think is stems from the very little sleep I got last night. I went to bed at midnight and woke at 3:30 like it was morning. Then I couldn't get back to bed till my husband's alarm went off at 5:45am. He got up, I fell asleep and dragged myself out of bed at 7am. I am beat. Ugh.

Today I had watermelon juice for breakfast and asparagus bok choy swiss chard ginger romaine lettuce granny smith apple juice for lunch...too much stuff makes a juice nasty. I was trying to get rid of things in the fridge; I have bits of lots of stuff, but nothing in enough quantity to make much juice. I should have had one to two veggies and added the green powder to make up nutrients. That is the plan tomorrow.

I also had the water from one young coconut. Here is the process of opening it, in pictures:
they are big and ugly things in the husk
but you start to whittle the m down
then you get to the nut. With the inner corner of a heavy knife or cleaver, you wack it hard. Dig the tip of the knife in the crack and wiggle it back and fourth, and twist the blade...
then the lid pops off.

the water is usually clear and sweet and the meat is softer and sometimes jelly like...


Last night continued

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Online, now in person, new friends!

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Images from last night

Here is Charlaine Harris answering audience questions.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 43: What a great day

Not only did I have a good fast day, but I also went to NYC to get the latest book by one of my favorite authors signed. I also got to meet an online friend in person, for the first time. She brought along some other friends who I was glad to have met.  What an awesome night!

Besides the great night, the day was work and work, and I only had pineapple juice all day. One juice.  I am really bad when I am working from home. Here I have the juicer and all the stuff, and I wait until 3pm to make one juice.  I am an idiot sometimes.

In other news, I cleaned out my closet with my sister yesterday.  I apparently don't fit into most of my tops even though I thought I did (she said they look like sacks and like someone popped my boobs with a pin because there is too much room in the chest area -- bummer).  I also had to get rid of about 5 pairs of capris and all my pin-stripe dress pants. In exchange for said pants and capris and tops, she brought me some things that don't really fit her. I have her stuff to go through tonight and tomorrow. Maybe I will luck out.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 42: Pizza on the brain

I have had loads of cravings through this fast. Some are good (salad, carrots and hummus, grilled chicken, broiled salmon, roasted cauliflower with basil), some not good (burgers, chips, baked brie). Today, pizza. I am craving really good cheese steak pizza with mushrooms and no peppers. I have had that once or twice in my 31 years, and here I am, watering mouth and all, at the mere thought of this greasy cheesy mess. I have been obsessing for the past, um, 6 hours on and off.

What I focus on instead is the ability I have mastered of not running out and getting the craving.  Actually, the fact that I am having definitive cravings at all is amazing. More often than not, before this fast I could never decide on what I wanted. I was so apathetic for food and had vague cravings. Now, at least, I have vivid and specific cravings. Call me crazy, but that is kind of empowering.  Even when I am back on food, I will not be running out to feed my cravings for all the bad stuff, but at least I have a reference and if I do want something specific, I can do my best to replicate said craving in the best way possible.

Gone are the days of fast food. I can say that the thought of chicken nuggets (my previous go-to fast food) is just plain gross. If I am going to have food, I am going to know where it came from and it should look like what it is.  Chickens don't have nuggets, so no more for me.  Grilled, broiled, roasted or baked for me. 

Speaking of food. I think I have come to terms with getting back to real food in 18 days.  I can always do another fast at another time. Not going back after 60 days is my procrastinating again. If I put off solids, I don't have to change my real food habits. As they are what landed me in this state of current repair, I know I have to enact specific changes. Therefore, I am focusing on something that helps me balance my hormones and cause my metabolism to kick into high gear.  I want to keep this party going.  I need protein in some form as I feel the drain when I exercise right now.  In any case I am happy I made a decision.

Breakfast: Watermelon juice
Lunch: tomato fennel parsley pepper juice
Dinner: TBD (maybe something with cucumber)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 41: Food shopping everywhere

This fast has broadened my usual food shopping to include: Farmers Markets, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Corrado's Market, The Food Co-op, DePierro's Farm, and The H Mart Korean Market.  I think we are in and out of all of these stores quickly, but it did take up a few hours today (and we only did 3 stores). It is a great bother to shop all over, but I love the variety I get. I had a dragon fruit on my hands for the very first time today, but I didn't know if it would juice, so I put it down. I will buy it when this fast is over and go to town.

I only had a young coconut's water today, so far, though I have sucked on olives (I guess I need salt?) all afternoon.  I am about to make some watermelon juice for dinner. I have green stuff in the fridge, but I also have a huge watermelon that will not fit in the fridge. I must make watermelon juice or lose the rest of the melon.

I hope some people are interesting in that screening. Let me know!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bonus Post: Screening

Exclusive Movie screening engagement and Juicing 101 Program
Presented by Nutley, NJ Mayor Joanne Cocchiola and the Mayor's Weight Loss CHallenge
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead...A documentary about juicing with fresh fruits and vegetables, and how it can change your life!
Meet Joe Cross
Tuesday, May 11, 2010 7:00pm
John H. Walker Middle School
Room 201-Music Room
Learn about Joe Cross and the remarkable story about his battle with a debilitating autoimmune disease and how he turns to the only option left, the body's ability to heal itself. Trading in junk food, he hits the road with juicer and generator in tow, vowing only to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice for the next 60 days. His 3,000 mile journey is extrodinary!
Juicing 101 Program...learn the benifits of juicing, different recipies & how they can improve your health and taste test with a Reboot Media dietitian.
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 7:00pm
John H. Walker middle School- Cafeteria
Limited seating; please e-mail with your seat request, or call 973-284-4900, ext. 2406. Specify event you are reserving.
I am going, and I hope if you are around, you will go too.  I can say, 40 days in, that this film helped me change my life.

Day 40: 40 Pounds in 40 Days

When I stepped on the scale after my shower this morning, I was amazed that I was down 40bls.  It is really reason to celebrate.  Finally a large chunk of what I wanted to lose in total. For most average sized people, they can't afford 40lbs loss and struggle instead with 10 or 20 extra pounds.  For me, this is those 10lbs.

Moreover, while weight loss is part of this, the larger part, the one concerning the asthma and medications, that part is getting better and better. I am still taking my Singular, but I have stopped talking the Symbicort. And I have also needed my rescue inhaler less and less.  That, above the loose pants, above the lost weight, above the great skin, is the best part.  It feels great that with every juice I make, with every juice I drink, I am moving further and further away from Prednisone and other inhaled corticosteroids.

One day I woke up and found myself 31 and in this condition. I vaguely remember the things that got me in this position, but in all the good times and bad time, all the great meals and lazy days of lounging around, all the junk food and excuses, all these events did not bring me to my thirties in the best way possible. So I aim for 35 and 40 and 50 to be in a better way. To be in the best state I can be in, and that means without prescription medication, without excess weight, and without lack of control over my life.  I look forward, with this lovely watermelon juice for breakfast, to joy and food filled with micronutrients and raw foods and life, and order and control.

Best of all....I am filled with bliss. :)

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