Saturday, May 22, 2010

Breaking my Fast, Breaking my Fast (dun dun dun)

I broke the fast today with 8oz of soaked prunes (the non sulfur ones from Trader Joes). They were tasty and mushy.  Very very mushy. I got so full that tomorrow I will do half as much. I think my digestion is working again because the noises are unreal. It sounds like growling and rumbles rolling around in there. Oh, and it may be TMI, but I haven't really farted in 2 months. I more than made up for that today. LOL.


  1. "Dun dun dun?"

    Oh , I get it: "All we want are the FASTS, ma'am."

  2. I was thinking Breaking the Fast sung to Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law" :) The dun dun dun was in imitation of the drum beat after the lyrics...but your variation is fun as well...

  3. Lynette, you look amazing!! You should be very proud of yourself, not only for doing the fast for 60 days, but also for making your first "meal" prunes! That was VERY brave of you!! How did your tummy handle the food? I know what you mean about the sounds your tummy makes... since my surgery, my stomach makes sounds I didn't even think could come from a human being! I love the fact that Leo is so supportive too... what a great guy! Kudos to you Lynette on a job well done!!


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