Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 40: 40 Pounds in 40 Days

When I stepped on the scale after my shower this morning, I was amazed that I was down 40bls.  It is really reason to celebrate.  Finally a large chunk of what I wanted to lose in total. For most average sized people, they can't afford 40lbs loss and struggle instead with 10 or 20 extra pounds.  For me, this is those 10lbs.

Moreover, while weight loss is part of this, the larger part, the one concerning the asthma and medications, that part is getting better and better. I am still taking my Singular, but I have stopped talking the Symbicort. And I have also needed my rescue inhaler less and less.  That, above the loose pants, above the lost weight, above the great skin, is the best part.  It feels great that with every juice I make, with every juice I drink, I am moving further and further away from Prednisone and other inhaled corticosteroids.

One day I woke up and found myself 31 and in this condition. I vaguely remember the things that got me in this position, but in all the good times and bad time, all the great meals and lazy days of lounging around, all the junk food and excuses, all these events did not bring me to my thirties in the best way possible. So I aim for 35 and 40 and 50 to be in a better way. To be in the best state I can be in, and that means without prescription medication, without excess weight, and without lack of control over my life.  I look forward, with this lovely watermelon juice for breakfast, to joy and food filled with micronutrients and raw foods and life, and order and control.

Best of all....I am filled with bliss. :)

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