Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 43: What a great day

Not only did I have a good fast day, but I also went to NYC to get the latest book by one of my favorite authors signed. I also got to meet an online friend in person, for the first time. She brought along some other friends who I was glad to have met.  What an awesome night!

Besides the great night, the day was work and work, and I only had pineapple juice all day. One juice.  I am really bad when I am working from home. Here I have the juicer and all the stuff, and I wait until 3pm to make one juice.  I am an idiot sometimes.

In other news, I cleaned out my closet with my sister yesterday.  I apparently don't fit into most of my tops even though I thought I did (she said they look like sacks and like someone popped my boobs with a pin because there is too much room in the chest area -- bummer).  I also had to get rid of about 5 pairs of capris and all my pin-stripe dress pants. In exchange for said pants and capris and tops, she brought me some things that don't really fit her. I have her stuff to go through tonight and tomorrow. Maybe I will luck out.


  1. Closet shopping in other people's closets RULES! I am so proud of you!! :)

  2. I am just really proud of you, neighbor! I have seen you day in and day out, trying, not giving up... and as I see you reap benefits of this wonderful effort, I can only say I really think you did and are still doing a great job!!! :)

  3. Thanks you Tara and M! I feel good, not weak or dizzy or faint or all those other things people worried about. And I love closet shopping. I just wish she would have more dressy things so I have work clothes!


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