Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 45: Stawberry Fields Forever...

Strawberry Pineapple juice for breakfast and that was it.  I was running so late this morning, couldn't find my car keys, and I forgot to grab the coconut. I was so hungry come lunchtime. I think the yummy juice for breakfast went down too fast and I was all in for lunch. I couldn't go out for lunch because I had things to do at work, and when I sent home I did the olives again. I must have sucked the salt out of about 10 Kalamata olives. Sure I spit the pulp out, but still, so bad.

I waited too long. Ugh.

I made tomato garlic celery juice for dinner. It was good, but the guilt weighs on me. I only have 15 days left, so why did I have such a bad day? Such an off day?

Even though I was rushed this morning, I should have gone out for lunch. I know that not having lunch is destructive. I know that waiting hours and hours to have something when you are hungry is destructive. I think I did it because I am getting nervous about the end of the fast? Maybe I am nervous of success? I have a lot to think about tonight.

In other news, a new gym opened near my house and I am thinking of joining.  The special is $20 a month for the year. I think that sounds like a good deal.  I am going to check it out tomorrow after work.

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