Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 46: Forgotten Friday

So, news, I forgot to blog last night, so this quicky is in lieu...

I drank grape apple juice (way too sweet) for breakfast.
For lunch, tomato celery orange bell pepper garlic (very yummy).

When I came home I cleaned up a bit, then I started that book I got signed...Needless to say I made it about 250 pages, realized I had to be up this morning to go to a dance recital for my niece, and hit the hay. I wanted to finish the book, but I put it down because I love my niece.

This morning I am starved, but I have time to write this, shower, and make a lunch juice before I have to go pick up my Oma. I will have young coconut water for breakfast I think. Blog day 47 later...

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