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Day 47: The Bar, sober

Today I went to my nieces dance recital...I remember being far more coordinated when I was in dancing school. I took 13 years of ballet, about 6 years of tap and 6 years of jazz. I Used to dance a lot, multiple costumes and classes. Our school, I think, was also larger and led by former professional dancers from the American Ballet Company. Yet, it was also a small school and very family oriented. I spent the 2 hours in the auditorium having flashbacks of when I was a girl preforming in stage.

Speaking of preforming, I went out to a great dive (ish) bar for a friends birthday. They have the best (and I mean best) buffalo wings in the world.  It was hard not to jump over the crowd and have at 'um. It is a touchy subject, wings, because before this fast started, I planned on wings as my last meat food. It didn't happen though.  We had ordered wings from a pizzeria and they were gross. And then I went on the fast.

Really, in all actuality, I don't want wings anymore. I like the smell of them, and I like the spicy, but I am sure there are alternatives. I think some garlic in tomato fennel basil jalapeno juice will do it to it tomorrow. Maybe when I am back at eating, I will have one or two wings, but not anytime soon.

I had a good time, and it was sobering to see how much of a social lubricant alcohol is. I never am a big drinker. Never have been one to have more than a few drinks when we go out, but I watched how even a few caused some people to slur speech, act more outgoing, and loosen up.  And I saw how too many really blurred lines of good taste and, while funny, I never like to be the real drunk one. That happened exactly once in my life, and will not happen again.

Anyway, it is really late. To recap - young coconut water for lunch and I bought apple celery parsley juice from Whole foods and had that for lunch and dinner (and brought it to the bar and sipped it with water all night.  Store bought juice is a quick alternative, if it is fresh, but I would have rather had cucumber instead of apple, and I know home is the only way to be sure of what goes into the juice, how the machines are cleaned, and how clean the person making the juice is.  :)

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