Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 48: Sick on Sunday

I got new glasses and I think (not sure) they may have been at the root of a MAJOR headache yesterday, my first day of wearing them.  It was so bad I could not get near the computer to type, but reached for the Advil instead. Adding a pain reliever to my pure raw juice body was also not fun, I had some Carrot Juice from Whole foods for breakfast and little else all day, not even water.  I guess the combination really did a number on my system because by 6pm I was in the bathroom, major headache and feeling quite crappy.

This post should fill in the blank for yesterday. Word of warning, while fasting, don't drink out (you can't control the cleanliness of person, machine, or place) , don't get a new glasses prescription (unless you really have to), don't put off juicing and drinking water all day (it only exacerbates the problem), and don't take pain relievers (go out and find something more natural). This morning I am all foggy in the head.  I think it is a combination of all those "don'ts" that ended me up in this sad state.  I am off to work not, catch you later for day 49!

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