Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 49: Feeling Much Better

I had a good day. After I accidentally spilled my fresh plum strawberry juice into the sink (really, a full cup), I made some apple plum juice for breakfast. Then, for lunch, I had coconut water.  Topping the day off with food shopping for celery and tomatoes for me, and Manwich for the hubby...BUT I am not feeling hungry like a mad woman today or anything like I have been.

I wanted to blog about my dinner and show pics in the process of making it, but I doubt anyone even reads this blog anymore, so, maybe tomorrow.  I am weighing the process of uploading and including all the photos with getting to bed before 11pm. Right now, it looks like 11pm wins. If anyone wants to see all the juicing details, let me know in the comments...(if anyone is still following...hello? [echo echo echo])

Tomorrow I am going to that screening, if anyone wanted to go I have 2 extra seats. the details are in the post a few back if anyone wanted to go and not be my special guest...

Oh, and in disgusting news...I left some of that carrot juce from Whole Foods, in the cup in the car overnight. It has been kinda cool up here this week, so I think, no biggy, right? Wrong.  I go to dump the cup out in the sink today and ewww.... it was the consistency of slime and boogers. It dripped out of the straw like one giant orange snot...ick.  Then globbed down the drain. Never have I seen a drink left for only a day, do that.  I say either it is a mark of freshness and no preservatives, or there was something funky going on with the juice to begin with and that is part of why I felt like bloody hell last night. I wish I had taken photos for you is all I'm sayin'.



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