Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 50: 9 days left, it's in the single digits now baby!

Meet Joe Cross. Joe is my inspiration for my 60 day fast.  His film Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead showed me that healing yourself is possible, that one can "do it" if one sets their mind to it, that excuses are just that, excuses.  He changed his life, the lives of those he came in contact with, and he inspired me to change my life.  Here I am, 50 days of raw juices in me, I feel better than I ever have before, and I have come a long way to taking control of my life. Thank you Joe (and Phil!)

Watching the film again tonight was a trip. I was nodding my head almost the whole way through.  The cravings, the increased energy, the thoughts about life, I can now say I have been there. It was like watching my own experiences (in a way) on screen.  Though I struggle with a different diagnosis (asthma and Poly-Cystic Ovarian Disorder, known as PCOS), I have been there, and I am headed to someplace better.

Watching with my sister, husband, and friend, it struck me that there is nothing stopping them from doing this than themselves. The people Joe interviewed, all across the US, all spoke about knowing they had to change their diet, then in another breath talking about how they love fast food. In all cases, people admitted they were to blame for their eating habits and they were the ones who could change them. Then in many cases people realized they were headed for an early grave with lots of medical complications on the way there.  All this after saying they should change their diet. What is stopping people?

I was there, I was stopping myself. I was scared of committing to myself. Like Joe says, my priorities in life were all backwards. My health and life (longevity) was way below fun, work, socializing, my friends, family and food. Somehow death and getting old seems so abstract...until you have an asthma attack that robs you of breath to the point that you think you are dying. I would have those kinds of attacks, and puff on my rescue inhaler, almost nightly.

In 50 days, I have gotten out of my way and am helping myself live again. I am reclaiming the lost love I have for life. I am enjoying willpower and control for the very first time. With all these micronutrients and all this bounty, I am building the foundation for my future with positivity, light, and health. The glow just radiates from within. Truly, you make your own destiny. You can choose to do all those things that will help you live a slower, fuller, clearer, cleaner and more peaceful life, or you can choose to live your life racing to your own death, a ride fueled by fast food, drugs, and disease. All it takes is a bit of commitment to yourself.

It is here you will find me.


  1. You truly are an inspiration to people who want to be healthier! :-) Rock On!!!!

  2. You look gorgeous in that picture!!

  3. Congratulations Lynette. Juice On! Caryn x

  4. You are a champion and very inspiring good on you. Keep going and good luck.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. It is inspirational.

  6. I'm very interested in started the juice fast. Do you have a HOW TO that you can share?

  7. As far as a How To, I have posted under the My Juice Fast tab the day by day journey. I also included Resources on another tab. I read a few books, watched Joe's film, and I wrote...a lot. I hope you find what you need!


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