Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 51: Top 10 Before and Afters - number 10

This morning I pulled out the top I wore at Xmas eve dinner this past year. I bought it right before Xmas eve, not trying it on, and assumed it would work.  Then I saw the photos...

Horrified because I looked like 1) and old lady; 2) an old fat lady; and 3) an old fat lady wearing something she knitted.  Not to mention the general ick of my skin. In many ways I know I look like my mom. There is no denying this fact. There is no escaping our similar features. But in this outfit, I looked like my mom so much that I barely see myself. The ill-fit was all over. I can only imagine what others thought of the utter dowdiness and the fact that this new outfit looked like some cast-off from grandma's Bingo club. You might think - aw, this is just one bad picture, so here is yet another of the same fugly outfit:

I look Asian in these pictures because my chubby cheeks are all up in my eyes.

Not wanting to waste money, I kept it. I figured it may look better another day, perhaps with a different top, or I could use it if I ever had to play an old lady in a Local Theater Production. I figured, if anything, I could wear it to the office one day when my boss was out. After I washed the cream top, it shrank a bit and I never got to wear it. Until today. It was chilly, so I pulled it out, and I must say, it sure looks better now, though the blue knit is a bit big on me:

Juice: Breakfast - Pineapple Asian Pear
              Lunch - went to Organica in Ramsey, Tomato carrot kale beet garlic celery


  1. Hi! You are doing such a great job and I've enjoyed following your juicy journey. You look amazing and the outfit looks great now!!
    Love ya! Alicia

  2. You look fantastic Lynette!! By the way, I am still reading, and the video was really cool! Thanks for sharing! Keep up the awesome work!


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