Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 55: Top 10 Before and After - Number 6

While I wanted to post more photos, I again couldn't find the right ones, so I will give you another abstract: JOY.

Joy, bliss, happiness, cheer, glee, cheerfulness, jocundity, gaiety, mirth, whatever you call it, I have felt it in waves over these 60 days.  Much of it I attribute to the goodness I have been taking in. You are what you eat I guess. Clean fresh foods have worked magic on me.  I am glad to have been able to feel really good, like really really good, for most of this fast. Sure there have been moments (just ask my sis and hubby how cranky I was in NYC when I was without juice for far too long and needed something). Yet in all this time I have felt up much more than down.

Other bits I attribute to purging my system of old junk, old feelings, and toxicicity. A lot can be said for the amounts of gunk that builds up over the years.

The other piece of this is reconnecting with people in my life, and by this I mean you there reading these words. You have inspired me, kept me going, and have brought support I needed so many times.  Without the accountability of my network, I don;t know if I could have made it through the down times. Thank you.

Friday is getting closer and closer. I am 55 days in, and 50 lbs down.  I feel like a new woman. 

Breakfast: Tomato celery fennel lettuce garlic
Lunch: coconut water.
Dinner: I kinda ate everything late, so I skipped it.


  1. You are fabulous -- you rock and keep bringing the house down!!!
    --Your ol' colleague, Victoria


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