Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 57: Top 10 Before and After - Number 4

Today I didn't have juice or water or anything until the evening. I worked from home so I could take my newest cat to the vet because I saw worms in his stool. Turns out I then have to come home and bring all the other animals (2 more cats and a dog) to have shots as a precaution.  Ugh. I couldn't stomach the thought of ingesting anything. Turns out the little party they had in my garbage (eating those pads that soak up the juice from meat in those Styrofoam packages) was tape-worm worthy. Shudders. Makes one want to be a vegetarian and never go back to meat.

Anyway, back to the subject. The number 4 before and after is my appreciation for all things produce. (Can you tell I am saving more photos for the top 3?)  Before, I would have 3 main veggies (because that is what the husband would eat and I didn't want to waste cooking) Salad (lettuce, onions, peppers), Corn, and Carrots. Sometimes I would make myself mushrooms because I love a fungi (get it? Fun guy), but as they skive the hubby, that was a rare treat.  I have always eaten all kinds of veggies (I am not a picky eater at all), but my limits were in imagination and laziness. Why buy and make two side dish veggies?

Now, since I have spent 60 days making juices for me and food for him (sometimes), I am all for making separate foods for us. It is a bit more work, but in reality, as picky as my hubby is, I can get him to eat better if I cook things that are more along the lines of what I need to eat. For example, I have already cut the beef from my chili recipe and use ground turkey or chicken instead, and then even half as much as I double and triple the kinds of beans I add. I have also shredded veggies into the base and have hidden them in the tomatoey goodness.  And I do not add oil or salt. I serve it over rice. I can forgot the cheese he may want to add to the top, or the sour cream, but I like adding minced green onions.

I know that I will be eating fish about 4 times a week when I get to eating again. He will not have fish. There is a mental block there. It is the thought of it that freaks him out, I guess. But what is the work in making a fish and a chicken breast in the same style? Food prep will be planning, and I am willing and looking forward to inventing ways to use veggies. I have tried bokchoy, beets, leeks, celery root, sun chokes, dandelion, and Swiss chard in my juice, never having eaten them or made them before. I look forward to trying them in whole form in the coming weeks. I have been drinking with my eyes, getting all the colors in, and now I will move past corn and carrots, in favor of more variety and color.

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