Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday, a week since my last day

It has been a week. I have gotten back to the solids, whole hog...well, almost literally as I am preparing to smoke some pork for a Memorial Day fest at my house on Sunday. I have not gone back to sweets and junk as people may have thought I would. I have had prunes, fruit, prunes, salads, prunes, rice, did I mention the prunes?

Last night I had some protein - King Crab Legs.  I bought and made 2 legs for dinner. They were too much money and too filling, but I wanted something memorable.  Now I will forever remember how one would have been quite enough and would have saved me money. My eyes outdid my tummy, as it has several times this past week. It has been hard. I ate a salad for lunch the other day, spinach red onion mushrooms peppers sprouts and this fresh chopped tomato onion cilantro "salsa" on top. It was great, but I felt like a tub of lard afterward as it filled me to the breaking point about an hour later with gas. Sorry this is the subject of yet another post, but ugh. It was not the passing kind, but the belching kind.  I need to go back to simpler salads.

I had some sprouted spelt sourdough toast for breakfast today, with cherry preserves, and I am still full. I think this solid food thing is going to break me. I want to eat again, but I am not finding the hunger for it like while fasting. Meal-times come and go and I have found myself eating because of the time. I thought this was the right plan as I need to get my system running again, get the metabolism burning, but I am going awry. 

The Master your Metabolism plan starts next Tuesday. I will be posting more regularly as The program is so new to me and I need to keep track for my own sanity. Later gator...

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