Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Jumpin Jack Flash, It's a gas! gas! gas!

Truly one of the most wondrous things about coming back into real foods is the way your body seems to be all clunky trying to get back into a rhythm. It spends a lot of time churning out noxious fumes and making ungodly noise, while your GI tract practices refining food to fuel. It is like I went from a hybrid to a diesel. Not the most fun transition in the world, but I am enjoying the chew and texture of food again.

 (Forget the Stones, I keep thinking about the Whoopie Goldberg movie as I write the title here.)

I went into this break easy...prunes on Saturday. Prunes on Sunday, and then we worked hard cleaning the attic, basement and house all day, so I had almost half of an egg white, mushroom and tomato omelet for "dinner". More prunes and some pineapple today. Juice when I get home (tomato fennel celery basil leek) and maybe an hour at the gym. Fun fun.

I felt weird not blogging last night.  I didn't have a plan for after the fast blogging.  I think when I start the next program (Memorial Day), I will do every other day blogging, but do I start a new blog? This one was for juice fasting, perhaps I just change the sub-header? Currently: Reflections and conversations through a 60-day juice fast. Now what do I say? Ideas? Do I just tack on a "any beyond" to the end? That seems a bit Bed Bath and Beyond to me.

In other news, if you or someone you know is interested in trying juicing, perhaps a 15-day reboot is for you.  It is a 5-5-5 day program of veggies/fruits, juice, then veggie/fruits.  I think it is very good for a beginner. Check out;

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