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Better Day

Wow was yesterday emotionally draining. I feel better today. I am actually having a cup of Joe this morning while I wait for our new appliances to be delivered. I hope to have a great day. Optimism is being recharged. Positive thinking is refreshing.

Emotional wreck

When I was fasting, the support and clean emotional outlook was refreshing and energizing. Everyone was there cheering me on.  These past few days have felt like someone has died. I feel like I am full of poisoned emotions as I am fighting with the hubby. I am feeling the pull towards bad food and worse habits.  I am not feeling good about myself or my situation. This is not a positive post, in case you are just catching on.

What to do?  While there is nothing I can do to make him listen to me, or hear me, or care. I think the only thing left is to put myself out there with honesty and do what I can to work on me. That sounds selfish and while I want to fix everything, I realize there are some things I have no control over. I go back to controlling what I can, and all that has to do with me. Self control is just that, selfish.

This morning I spent some time, about 3-4 sessions, in hysterical tears, in pain, in anger, in frustration, in disbelief, and challenged because there was no br…