Monday, July 19, 2010

Guess Who's Back?

Hello World, it's me, the I-said-juice-was-a-daily-part-of-my-life-then-avoided-juice-for-a-month girl. Yeah, that's me, and I am back. I just made a great pineapple-apple juice to start the day off right.  I am not fasting, per say, but am juicing again. And I am blogging.

One thing I noticed is that the daily blog kept me both honest and on track. I found that writing it out aided in my attitude and in my organization.  So I think I am going to spend the next week or so getting back into the swing of things, juicing daily, and trying to ween off the damn coffee (as I sip this fine Hazelnut home brewed deliciousness).

In all, since my surgery (damn gall bladder), I have felt pretty good (minus that blow-out with the hubs which lasted exactly 24 hours).  I picked back up, slowly, on the coffee again.  I don't know about you, but I love the taste, the smell, the buzz, of a good ol' cup of Joe/java/jitter juice.  Perhaps it is partially the associations I have with coffee - the brooding writer, the coffee shop, the Folgers and Maxwell House coffee commercials from my childhood.

I have indulged the coffee got me.  I have also had some junk food in the past few weeks, but not nearly in the same league as before. A slice or two of pizza, not 3 or 4, not every night. I have yet to have drive-thru fast food (the thought makes me sick actually). I can not imagine eating at a fast food place again. I will also never eat Chinese Food, for the single reason that it was what I ate that faithful night of my gall bladder attack. I have never in my life felt such pain and I will forever associate it with Chinese food. Not even steamed chicken and broccoli (my standard go-to meal) will pass these lips.  I would rather steam my own veggies than ever order that out again. Sorry to my Hubs, as it was his favorite take-out place.

In other news, Hubs wants to start the 6 Week Body Makeover again. When last we attempted this, my sis, Hubs and I were all Gung-ho, sis and me cooking and portioning all the food for the 3 of us on Sundays, enough to last a week.  It was a great plan, though got a bit boring as we sometimes repeated and repeated favorite (and fastest) recipes to save time and ingredients.  Maybe it will be for sis and the Hubs, with me substituting some meals as juice. We shall see as the week progresses.  I have vacation coming up in a few weeks, so the pre-game is on.

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