Monday, August 23, 2010


Gave the nutritionist a ring to let him know what has been happening with the accident and my body. He confirmed that I should put a pause to the fast and go to lots of nutritious foods and add lean proteins. I need a bit more than juice to heal the deep muscle and bone bruising. I am added salads and fruit and lean mean to the juice. I am still drinking a juice or two a day since it is a great way to invite powerful nutrients to the party.

Today I made a grass-feed beef hamburger for dinner, a green salad for lunch, oatmeal for breakfast, and a cucumber spinach pepper juice. I feel stuffed, still. Maybe two juices and a salad and a piece of fish tomorrow, you know, to not feel so stuffed.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 7: Woke up feeling about 100

Morning. As you may have guessed, I woke up feeling like an old woman, in body, not in mind.  I am also thinking I may need to pull back on the actual fast to help my body recover. See, I was in the hot tub after riding yesterday because I hit a patch of loose gravel, while I was trying to stop, and the bike fell on me. I dropped it, pinning my leg underneath. I was in the process of pulling to the side of the road at the time, so I was stopping, and it was more of a gravel-is-the-devil+BRAKES=ouch deal. I wasn't even going to mention it because it was such a stupid fall, but today, in the condition I am in, it seems more important than I thought.

Add this soreness and bruising to the muscle soreness from the gym on Friday, and I am all kinds of hurt today.  I am going to consult my nutritionist on Monday to see if I should continue on this fast or start again after giving my body a change and the calories it needs to recover.  It feels like my body is healing because of the fast, ridding some of the toxins/meds from my surgery, and now my muscular and skeletal systems are hurt and wanting healing and there is not enough healing to go around. That, and I am going to take some Aleve. Pain medication is totally not on my fast, but I am not going to sit in bed in pain all day.

So there it is. I am pulling back and think I am going to take some meds and have some fruit. Tomorrow I will see if the fast is a good idea to continue, or if I need to put it on pause for a week and begin again next week. I also think I need to visit my chiropractor brother because I have a painful lump between the bones in my forearm, and must have bashed or twisted my arm when I fell and did something bad.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 6: Easy Rider

Trying the video thing again...The Hubs was making me laugh so I say a lot of nothing. I will update later with more content!

Day 5: Oops I forgot to post

Friday was day 5 and I was super busy at work because I had to get everything done before our 3pm early Friday jumpstart. Great to leave early on Fridays in the summer, but boy are they busy.  I skipped lunch, well, I have been skipping lunch because juices do not require me to go to the cafe or out for food. So I work through lunch, drinking my "lunch" at my desk. So I left at 2pm to head to the gym. (pear plum juice for breakfast)

Going to the gym on a fast is not usual. At least I do not think it is usual. You just do not have the calories to burn nor the energy to work out in the usual sense.  I walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes, a mile, at a 3.0 mph pace. It was enough to get my blood flowing, but not get too winded.  Then I went on the stationary bike for 25 minutes, did 7 miles, and had to stop because of wicked cramps in my lower legs - damn lactic acid! (drank my spinach - leak - pepper - cucumber - kale juice at the gym and I had awful halitosis! Do not drink green juice at the gym. People will be repulsed.)

I should have stopped, but I was already warmed up and I decided to do some mild weights. I hit some of the circut training machines and did 3 one minute sets on each, with lighter weights. In all it was good and I was tired and weak when I stopped. I was riding tmy motorcycle yesterday to work and to the gym, so that weakness was not a good thing. I was almost too weak to go to my nail appointment after the gym. I had water and relazed a few minutes, and I was fine.

I recovered at the nail salon and was fine to ride home later. I am actually off for a day of riding right now, so let me stop before The Hubs gets all bent that I am wasting the day.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 4: Upward climb?

This has been a crazy begining of a fast. I knew what to expect - headache, bitchiness, lulls of energy, sudden bursts of happiness, restroom visits that shall not be described here. It is old hat...sort of.

See, not putting food in my mouth this time around has been hard. HARD. I am not sure what is wrong, but I need to get my head in the game so I am not fighting the urge to stick an entire pizza in my mouth!

I felt good all day today. In the evening the dreaded headache appeared again. It is a dull reminder of its former glory, so I think this is the last of it.  When I quit caffeine last time it took me 5 days of a Tyson punch migraine. I think being down to 2 days of a pounding headache and tiredness and some dull fogginess is getting better.  My mood is up until 5pm, then the inner bitch takes over and watch out.

On the juice front, I had some great pear plum juice for breakfast, then a follow up of cucumber - spinach - baby bell peppers - celery - 1/2 a lime juice. It was amazing how green lunch was, and how bland.  It was truly blah.  I should have bought fennel or maybe broccoli sprouts (peppery taste when juiced). Anything not too sweet. I am glad I am staying away from too many sweet juiced after breakfast.

Yesterday my sister made my evening juice of tomato - celery - garlic - jalapeno -  yellow squash and it was like a fiery cold soup. It was really hot and tangy. I loved it. I also added psyllium fiber powder and a touch of whole flax oil because I felt the need for some scrubbing of my intestines.  The fiber made it real thick, real soon, so I had to drink fast before it was too thick for the straw. And no, it wasn't like fire on the way out (TMI Stef TMI).

Other than that, I need to get my butt back to the gym for mild walking at least. Maybe it is on deck for tomorrow before work?

I'd love some feedback if anyone out there is reading this again. While I entertain myself quite nicely reading and writing my mind on this blog, I'd love to know if anyone has input. Maybe some juice ideas?

My Testimonial from Fast 1.0, Day 60

I haven't be able to watch this after the first time. Just can't do it. I could smack myself. Is this what you people have to deal with when you hear me talk? Do I really look/sound like this? Ugh. Enough self deprication...

I wanted to post this on my blog now that the good people at Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead have uploaded it to YouTube.  I said a lot during my time talking with the lovely Jamin, and though I remember little of what I said, I did remember my mention of intimacy and kicked myself for a few days after I went there. So of course that gem was tucked neatly into this clip. LOL. Well, I guess the candid me comes through all the BS sometimes.

What I can say is that on day 60 I was happier than I have been in a long time. I was proud of myself in a way that I never was before. I mean, I have always been smart (I love taking IQ tests and wave my Mensa membership proudly), but doing something outside the cerebral, well, it has been a while. Best of all, this one was all me (and I now see why I was never a good actress).

Here you go...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fast 2.0, Day 3: Fighting Through It

Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.  ~ J.K. Rowlng

Last night I went to bed with a major light sensitive migraine. It was a hot one. We cuddled all night and wasn't it nice not to leave me? Flash forward through a nice hot shower and getting dressed up for work with full hair and face. I feel a bit better now.

I already wrote about this during the first fast, but I am thinking of it again so here it is. My college mentor, Rob Glibert, says "Fake it till you make it; be it till you become it' or more surely "Act it till you are it." That's to say Act like a winner and you will be one (eventually) or Act like success then you will be one. 

The logic here is to be the best actor of that role, do everything that comes with that end role: a successful person would do what? Wake early? Work out? Eat well? Dress the part as best as possible? Get to work early? Network? You get the idea. So if you are not that end role, the path there is acting like it until it finally is no longer an act.

If you really want to be into the gym and be a hottie with the body, go to the gym, get into the workout, push your limit, don't flip through magazines while aimlessly peddling the bike - break an awful sweat, put in the time, eat all the things a health conscious person would, and keep coming back, doing it day after day. Eventually it is no longer an act. It is habit. It is you.

So here I am with two mentor's and their words of wisdom: Do I have the nerve to fake it till I make it? Well, I did so for the first 21 days of my last fast and juicing became a real habit. I was able to pick it up again like an old friend this time. I didn't feel well this morning and was close to calling out to stay in bed with my headache, but I did everything that a polished professional would do in the morning and I am writing this from work, feeling a lot better than I did.

One HoneyDew juice down, one kale - celery - apple - red bell pepper - carrot juice to go.

Finding the nerve to act into the gym is next on the agenda, tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fast 2.0, Day 2

You want to hear something bogus? Today is free ice-cream day at work. Yup, from 3-5pm they have ice-cream servers in the lobbies of our buildings giving out free ice cream as a thanks-for-working-so-hard gift. It is not that I am a big ice-cream person: I am a big free stuff person. I am a bit bummed that I am missing out on this good thing the company is doing for us, but how much is an ice-pop anyway?  If I want one when I am done with this fast, I will go out and buy one. It is only a matter of time, right?

My company uses food as the universalizing treat or gift. Consumables are usually good gifts - the Omaha Steaks for the summer got grilled, the 6 pints of Ben & Jerry's last summer got eaten, it is all better than paperweights and endless items to toss out when they have exceeded their usefulness. It's cool they give us stuff, but I would have preferred the $50 in my paycheck, Mmmmkay thanks.

This morning I utilized the remainder of yesterday's breakfast juice with half a small Honeydew melon. It was good, but I feel the headache of caffeine withdrawal and am crabby. I feel like I need sleep and lots of it, but that is less a product of the juice and more a product of my getting to bed late and up early.

I'm an 8 hours kinda person. I need solid Zs if I am going to function. My vacation was packed with late nights and early mornings, so my getting to bed at midnight and up at 6:30 am these past few days does little to make up for the sleep deprivation. I dream of the day I can be in bed at 10:30 and asleep by 11, waking up at 7am to sunshine and those little cartoon birds Snow White hung out with.

Lunch is going to be fun: Kale, apple, tomato, lemon. I used this different kind of Kale; it is extra green and hearty, flat leaves like collards. It smells strongly of cabbage but I hope it is not like that cabbage mess I made long ago. Bleck.

About to go get lunch from the fridge (and I hope it didn't spoil on my motorcycle ride into work).
***UPDATE*** It was ok. Not the greatest, too much Kale. Next time half the Kale and add some celery and maybe some cilantro.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fast 2.0, Day 1 of 30 (or 40 or 60)

Hello world, I am on the juice again, day 1. This round is indeterminate in length at the moment. I commit to at least 30 days of fresh juice at the minimum as I am going away about 40 days from now and I want to be able to ease into food as the location has zero juice bars.

I will be hot air ballooning in Lake George, NY, well crewing for a balloon at the very least. I don't think making a morning juice in the hotel at 5am is going to go over well, but I am willing to do it, going the full-Monty 60 days if I am in the right mind around day 30.

Something tells me this fast will be harder than the first. It could be because I have not spent the weeks leading up to the fast weeding out no-no food like dairy, meat, and coffee. But all the food I ate last week on vacation, should sustain me for a few weeks more.

The coffee withdrawal will be the biggest challenge. Why did I begin again? I felt great after the addiction left my system, and then I went back to the Java. It is the deliciousness I miss. I am not a cream or milk or soy coffee lightener. I like some sugar or Stevia or Agave, no chemical sweeteners. I even like a black coffee if it is dark roasted and the beans are fresh ground. Ugh. Another coffee post.

On the juice - today I juiced an old pineapple and 2 apples for breakfast and some carrots and zucchini for lunch. Dinner will be tomatoes, garlic, celery and maybe red peppers. I need to go out and get kale and some dark green veggies. After last week I need all the live nutrients I can get.

I am a bit tan, well, tan for me (I am usually the definition of Caucasian whiteness). This is the result of 3 beach days with 70 reapplied every hour or so.

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