Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 4: Upward climb?

This has been a crazy begining of a fast. I knew what to expect - headache, bitchiness, lulls of energy, sudden bursts of happiness, restroom visits that shall not be described here. It is old hat...sort of.

See, not putting food in my mouth this time around has been hard. HARD. I am not sure what is wrong, but I need to get my head in the game so I am not fighting the urge to stick an entire pizza in my mouth!

I felt good all day today. In the evening the dreaded headache appeared again. It is a dull reminder of its former glory, so I think this is the last of it.  When I quit caffeine last time it took me 5 days of a Tyson punch migraine. I think being down to 2 days of a pounding headache and tiredness and some dull fogginess is getting better.  My mood is up until 5pm, then the inner bitch takes over and watch out.

On the juice front, I had some great pear plum juice for breakfast, then a follow up of cucumber - spinach - baby bell peppers - celery - 1/2 a lime juice. It was amazing how green lunch was, and how bland.  It was truly blah.  I should have bought fennel or maybe broccoli sprouts (peppery taste when juiced). Anything not too sweet. I am glad I am staying away from too many sweet juiced after breakfast.

Yesterday my sister made my evening juice of tomato - celery - garlic - jalapeno -  yellow squash and it was like a fiery cold soup. It was really hot and tangy. I loved it. I also added psyllium fiber powder and a touch of whole flax oil because I felt the need for some scrubbing of my intestines.  The fiber made it real thick, real soon, so I had to drink fast before it was too thick for the straw. And no, it wasn't like fire on the way out (TMI Stef TMI).

Other than that, I need to get my butt back to the gym for mild walking at least. Maybe it is on deck for tomorrow before work?

I'd love some feedback if anyone out there is reading this again. While I entertain myself quite nicely reading and writing my mind on this blog, I'd love to know if anyone has input. Maybe some juice ideas?

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