Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 5: Oops I forgot to post

Friday was day 5 and I was super busy at work because I had to get everything done before our 3pm early Friday jumpstart. Great to leave early on Fridays in the summer, but boy are they busy.  I skipped lunch, well, I have been skipping lunch because juices do not require me to go to the cafe or out for food. So I work through lunch, drinking my "lunch" at my desk. So I left at 2pm to head to the gym. (pear plum juice for breakfast)

Going to the gym on a fast is not usual. At least I do not think it is usual. You just do not have the calories to burn nor the energy to work out in the usual sense.  I walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes, a mile, at a 3.0 mph pace. It was enough to get my blood flowing, but not get too winded.  Then I went on the stationary bike for 25 minutes, did 7 miles, and had to stop because of wicked cramps in my lower legs - damn lactic acid! (drank my spinach - leak - pepper - cucumber - kale juice at the gym and I had awful halitosis! Do not drink green juice at the gym. People will be repulsed.)

I should have stopped, but I was already warmed up and I decided to do some mild weights. I hit some of the circut training machines and did 3 one minute sets on each, with lighter weights. In all it was good and I was tired and weak when I stopped. I was riding tmy motorcycle yesterday to work and to the gym, so that weakness was not a good thing. I was almost too weak to go to my nail appointment after the gym. I had water and relazed a few minutes, and I was fine.

I recovered at the nail salon and was fine to ride home later. I am actually off for a day of riding right now, so let me stop before The Hubs gets all bent that I am wasting the day.

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