Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 7: Woke up feeling about 100

Morning. As you may have guessed, I woke up feeling like an old woman, in body, not in mind.  I am also thinking I may need to pull back on the actual fast to help my body recover. See, I was in the hot tub after riding yesterday because I hit a patch of loose gravel, while I was trying to stop, and the bike fell on me. I dropped it, pinning my leg underneath. I was in the process of pulling to the side of the road at the time, so I was stopping, and it was more of a gravel-is-the-devil+BRAKES=ouch deal. I wasn't even going to mention it because it was such a stupid fall, but today, in the condition I am in, it seems more important than I thought.

Add this soreness and bruising to the muscle soreness from the gym on Friday, and I am all kinds of hurt today.  I am going to consult my nutritionist on Monday to see if I should continue on this fast or start again after giving my body a change and the calories it needs to recover.  It feels like my body is healing because of the fast, ridding some of the toxins/meds from my surgery, and now my muscular and skeletal systems are hurt and wanting healing and there is not enough healing to go around. That, and I am going to take some Aleve. Pain medication is totally not on my fast, but I am not going to sit in bed in pain all day.

So there it is. I am pulling back and think I am going to take some meds and have some fruit. Tomorrow I will see if the fast is a good idea to continue, or if I need to put it on pause for a week and begin again next week. I also think I need to visit my chiropractor brother because I have a painful lump between the bones in my forearm, and must have bashed or twisted my arm when I fell and did something bad.

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