Monday, August 16, 2010

Fast 2.0, Day 1 of 30 (or 40 or 60)

Hello world, I am on the juice again, day 1. This round is indeterminate in length at the moment. I commit to at least 30 days of fresh juice at the minimum as I am going away about 40 days from now and I want to be able to ease into food as the location has zero juice bars.

I will be hot air ballooning in Lake George, NY, well crewing for a balloon at the very least. I don't think making a morning juice in the hotel at 5am is going to go over well, but I am willing to do it, going the full-Monty 60 days if I am in the right mind around day 30.

Something tells me this fast will be harder than the first. It could be because I have not spent the weeks leading up to the fast weeding out no-no food like dairy, meat, and coffee. But all the food I ate last week on vacation, should sustain me for a few weeks more.

The coffee withdrawal will be the biggest challenge. Why did I begin again? I felt great after the addiction left my system, and then I went back to the Java. It is the deliciousness I miss. I am not a cream or milk or soy coffee lightener. I like some sugar or Stevia or Agave, no chemical sweeteners. I even like a black coffee if it is dark roasted and the beans are fresh ground. Ugh. Another coffee post.

On the juice - today I juiced an old pineapple and 2 apples for breakfast and some carrots and zucchini for lunch. Dinner will be tomatoes, garlic, celery and maybe red peppers. I need to go out and get kale and some dark green veggies. After last week I need all the live nutrients I can get.

I am a bit tan, well, tan for me (I am usually the definition of Caucasian whiteness). This is the result of 3 beach days with 70 reapplied every hour or so.

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