Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fast 2.0, Day 2

You want to hear something bogus? Today is free ice-cream day at work. Yup, from 3-5pm they have ice-cream servers in the lobbies of our buildings giving out free ice cream as a thanks-for-working-so-hard gift. It is not that I am a big ice-cream person: I am a big free stuff person. I am a bit bummed that I am missing out on this good thing the company is doing for us, but how much is an ice-pop anyway?  If I want one when I am done with this fast, I will go out and buy one. It is only a matter of time, right?

My company uses food as the universalizing treat or gift. Consumables are usually good gifts - the Omaha Steaks for the summer got grilled, the 6 pints of Ben & Jerry's last summer got eaten, it is all better than paperweights and endless items to toss out when they have exceeded their usefulness. It's cool they give us stuff, but I would have preferred the $50 in my paycheck, Mmmmkay thanks.

This morning I utilized the remainder of yesterday's breakfast juice with half a small Honeydew melon. It was good, but I feel the headache of caffeine withdrawal and am crabby. I feel like I need sleep and lots of it, but that is less a product of the juice and more a product of my getting to bed late and up early.

I'm an 8 hours kinda person. I need solid Zs if I am going to function. My vacation was packed with late nights and early mornings, so my getting to bed at midnight and up at 6:30 am these past few days does little to make up for the sleep deprivation. I dream of the day I can be in bed at 10:30 and asleep by 11, waking up at 7am to sunshine and those little cartoon birds Snow White hung out with.

Lunch is going to be fun: Kale, apple, tomato, lemon. I used this different kind of Kale; it is extra green and hearty, flat leaves like collards. It smells strongly of cabbage but I hope it is not like that cabbage mess I made long ago. Bleck.

About to go get lunch from the fridge (and I hope it didn't spoil on my motorcycle ride into work).
***UPDATE*** It was ok. Not the greatest, too much Kale. Next time half the Kale and add some celery and maybe some cilantro.

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