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Fast 2.0, Day 3: Fighting Through It

Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.  ~ J.K. Rowlng

Last night I went to bed with a major light sensitive migraine. It was a hot one. We cuddled all night and wasn't it nice not to leave me? Flash forward through a nice hot shower and getting dressed up for work with full hair and face. I feel a bit better now.

I already wrote about this during the first fast, but I am thinking of it again so here it is. My college mentor, Rob Glibert, says "Fake it till you make it; be it till you become it' or more surely "Act it till you are it." That's to say Act like a winner and you will be one (eventually) or Act like success then you will be one. 

The logic here is to be the best actor of that role, do everything that comes with that end role: a successful person would do what? Wake early? Work out? Eat well? Dress the part as best as possible? Get to work early? Network? You get the idea. So if you are not that end role, the path there is acting like it until it finally is no longer an act.

If you really want to be into the gym and be a hottie with the body, go to the gym, get into the workout, push your limit, don't flip through magazines while aimlessly peddling the bike - break an awful sweat, put in the time, eat all the things a health conscious person would, and keep coming back, doing it day after day. Eventually it is no longer an act. It is habit. It is you.

So here I am with two mentor's and their words of wisdom: Do I have the nerve to fake it till I make it? Well, I did so for the first 21 days of my last fast and juicing became a real habit. I was able to pick it up again like an old friend this time. I didn't feel well this morning and was close to calling out to stay in bed with my headache, but I did everything that a polished professional would do in the morning and I am writing this from work, feeling a lot better than I did.

One HoneyDew juice down, one kale - celery - apple - red bell pepper - carrot juice to go.

Finding the nerve to act into the gym is next on the agenda, tomorrow.

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