Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Testimonial from Fast 1.0, Day 60

I haven't be able to watch this after the first time. Just can't do it. I could smack myself. Is this what you people have to deal with when you hear me talk? Do I really look/sound like this? Ugh. Enough self deprication...

I wanted to post this on my blog now that the good people at Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead have uploaded it to YouTube.  I said a lot during my time talking with the lovely Jamin, and though I remember little of what I said, I did remember my mention of intimacy and kicked myself for a few days after I went there. So of course that gem was tucked neatly into this clip. LOL. Well, I guess the candid me comes through all the BS sometimes.

What I can say is that on day 60 I was happier than I have been in a long time. I was proud of myself in a way that I never was before. I mean, I have always been smart (I love taking IQ tests and wave my Mensa membership proudly), but doing something outside the cerebral, well, it has been a while. Best of all, this one was all me (and I now see why I was never a good actress).

Here you go...

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