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Getting back to it and all that.

Hello blog, been a long time.

I have not been doing anything of substance for myself lately - from juicing to working out to dieting - all my energy has gone into working at the office and at home, helping The Hubs get The Money Pit into shape enough to have my mom move into the finished basement and sister move temporarily into the guest bedroom till she finds herself a bachelorette pad. So I have ate late, at pasta and junk, and have soothed my stress hormones with coffee and sugar and salt (not all together). This is all not the "me" I came to love during my fast.

Tomorrow I plan on going to the gym before work. I haven't been in a while and it is time to move. I was so sore and achy from moving and packing last Saturday that Sunday I woke up aged 100 years and joints poppin and lockin on their own accord.

On the health front, I went to the Doc to see about my freakish sudden hair shedding.  After the blood tests I can tell you that while my cholesterol and sugar leve…