Saturday, April 16, 2011

Class 11 - Bikram in the Morning

After my knee adjustment yesterday, my right leg was so much better bending, standing, and stretching, my left leg however, sucked. I got a MAJOR cramp running up the outside of my left leg from the ankle to the knee which brought me to tears. Yes folks, that was me crying to myself in class. I kept working through it, it continued to cramp up; I stretched, I rubbed, I sat and stretched, rubbed, stretched. It was a charlie horse on the side and even now, 3 hours since class, it is still aching.

Even so, I refused to commit to Savasana today during the standing series and tried to breathe through the bumps and fight to keep in the moment. I kept falling out of standing head to knee but I kept trying. I had Dan hand me my foot in standing bow and I was able to do the first set. He was letting me balance on him as I tried to grab my foot myself for the second set, but the cramp was too bad and I had a hard time. I still did my first bow in years though! Thanks for the assist Dan.

On the floor I got a better grab on my legs in wind releasing pose (yes, fart pose, ;}). I have no prayer of wrapping my arms around both my legs for at least 40lbs. That's ok, because when I am 40lbs down I will be already stretched enough to get right into poses.

Overall, I felt great in class. I hate getting up to go on the weekend, but I feel so much more accomplished when I am done.

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