Monday, April 25, 2011

Class 19: Sunday Funday Bikram

An 8:30am Sunday Bikram class is not my idea of ideal, especially when the morning person in me is still at the house wanting black coffee and rye toast. The yoga me was in the room, prepping for class, I guess.
I think it is in the second set of deep breathing that I actually came into my practice in the room. It is jarring to realize just how absent I was until that moment.

Class progressed as usual today, no major breakthroughs, save for less pain in my lower back. I want to say it is moving forward, improving due to practice, but I am careful not to get all excited. When I was able to get all the way up on my toes in Awkward Pose, I did a little cheer to myself, then wiggled and shook and went down to my flat feet. A small win and I will take it. This is an incredible feat of feet as anyone who knows me well knows of my nubs of toes; they are so short and tiny it is as if I am missing a knuckle. The two little ones (my ring and pinkie toes?) stick out like kickstands when I am on the ball of my big toe. They are funny but cute toes.
Some of you may have noticed I upgraded the URL of this blog to I thought about a handful of different domain names (and tried several others) before actually purchasing some name-space. For a while I thought I was going to start a new blog, leaving my immense success of the 60-Day Juice Fast behind me. I thought I would start something else, something about the challenges and games I play with my mind to move through goals. I realized that the fast was just one of those things.

As I move forward, I want to do a little more writing about the challenging myself aspect of yoga/life/work/home, whatever you will. I am not preacher telling anyone else how they should do things and how they can challenge themselves. It's more like here I am, the 30-something woman with her life right here, right now, and this is what I am doing to challenge myself everyday. For now, it is taking shape in 60-day challenges, because, well...., because I just started doing it like that. I took some inspiration from and inspirational man, and applied/tweaked/ran with it.  Who knows? Maybe someday, somewhere, someone will find some nugget here inspiring enough or interesting enough to run with it.

For now, as self-indulgent of a thing blogging is, I am putting it out there, all those ups and downs, for me. I guess for you too, if you, reader, are taking anything out of these rambles.

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